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March 18, 1987
P-Town, Texas
  • Sonorous strides past 200 million

    The man with the plan looks like a real hardcore folder with 200 million under his belt.

  • Re: The Cosplay Babe/Dude thread

  • Re: Home Automation

    @ardichoke‌ Get a multi-sensor and set it so when the lux value drops to a certain point it kicks on all your lights. Couple that with a timer function to force on/off all lights at specific times.

  • Re: _K's krazy krash kourse of KATastrophe

    Montaro(2.7 hours): I spent over an hour just collecting Japanese school girl's panties as a Shiba Inu while ignoring dogecoin. This is a mobile port of a fun little runner that I never really got the hang of. You have a few costumes to unlock by collecting dogecoin but once you have done that there is little reason to continue play without any stats or incentive; only one true costume exist solidedoge. Strangely there is a health meter but you don't die when it gets to zero panties because then you just become banana dazed for a few seconds, everything kills you in one hit but only certain things when hit from a certain direction. This is a game where you have to learn the rules for some enemies by trial and error but then after certain deaths you just feel cheated. The cards for the games steam badge are 25-30 cents?????? Is the Russian mob laundering money with these cards??? Wait it isn't the rarest of my badges even at lvl 2, not even in the top 6???? So many questions.

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  • Re: _K's krazy krash kourse of KATastrophe

    INSIDE(3.4 hours): What the hell INSIDE. The company that made INSIDE also created LIMBO. They are the same games but hugely different. Control scheme is very basic since you just use the arrow keys and right control button, they don't tell you this but simply start the game. A platform puzzler that is just story and atmosphere; plus a bathoshphere. The game is compelling with detail so starting the game and finishing in one sitting feels natural. This is a beautiful game where you spend a lot of time watching a small child die. Explore every where in the map and follow the color cues. Go enjoy this wonderful experience.

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