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March 18, 1987
P-Town, Texas
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    Viscera Cleanup Detail(3.2 hours): Rage quit this. Honestly this game feels like utter bullshit. The easy levels are par 2 hours, it is 2 hours. You find yourself having to pick up a single shotgun shell at at time or 5 pieces of intestine from one body but lets repeat that 20 times over. Everything in the game seems designed just to take more time. There is a lot of depth to the game but it is something where you have to invest 20+ hours(feels like).

    Everything is done in a map scenario. You are a sanitation worker that has to clean up everyone else's mess. Usually that means some science went horribly wrong and most everyone is dead so have fun handling dead bodies. Pretty sure they are not following OSHA regulations. Since there are dead bodies every where there must be blood every where and blood can be smeared. So if you step in the blood you track it around for X steps depending on how big the puddle was. Also as pools of blood, or whatever, get bigger they take longer to clean up with your mop. Now this is where it gets feeling futile. Every 6 or so pushes with your mop you have to go clean it in a bucket. After the water in the bucket gets dirty you have to incinerate the bucket and get a new bucket. But every bucket you procure from the clean bucket machine has a chance of being a bloody limb which you then have to dispose of and clean up the mess it just made. Now repeat this with every type of machine in the game. Some times you have to use a lift but the lift will jerk and jam so while the lift is moving you have to hold the bucket or risk the machine spilling your dirty water every where. Add to this the awkward physics so sometimes items get bumped or don't behave correctly so a mess is made. You spend such a huge time cleaning shit up so you can clean shit up. No idea how people find this fun. BTW there is a scoring system on each level but if you want to know how that works you need to go look stuff up on community boards. While cleaning you will find notes about what happened and flash drives and other random stuff but the little extras just don't feel like enough to make feel like I should have never bought this game.

    The achievements on the special maps mean you have to play the game for hours and hours to clear them. I think anyone that 100%s this game is insane. @FettBacon how do you have 4 hours in this game?

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    Time: 5 weeks 146.36 hours

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