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March 18, 1987
P-Town, Texas
  • Re: The League Season 5 is March 11 - June 17

    server is offline

  • Re: A rededication

    12.14 1,101,286 77
    11.14 2,859,467 261
    10.14 1,120,719 123
    09.14 1,264,198 187
    08.14 1,348,726 239
    07.14 1,094,751 115
    06.14 1,252,750 152
    05.14 1,202,436 139
    04.14 1,253,320 104
    03.14 1,881,803 125
    02.14 1,584,660 147
    01.14 1,441,544 171

    Done. Its been kind of fun trying to keep my home electricity usage down. First time in several years I have bought hardware to dedicate to folding....and then stashed it some place you know not here. Kind of fun looking at some hardware that is dedicated to your two man team and thinking I can squeeze a few WUs out over the weekend and no one will know, but then the other guy sees the process and ask if you tied up all the xeons. sigh.

    sgstair is gunning for me with a 440k daily that I can't touch, but it is going to take'em 7 months at that rate.

  • A rededication

    I haven't been folding for the team. I actually bailed and spent some time on team 33 because of where some of the gear I have now came from. But times are a changin'. The main reason for me dropping off the charts were the summer and I had gotten really bored with f@h in general since most of it is so stream lined. Then I was lured away to play with crypto mining since there are so many variations and it is distributed, fun messing with bat scripts and looking at numbers tick by in black and white. Things started to feel like I have left the team to rot because I wasn't actively engaged with y'all despite still collecting WUs from places that are unknown and I don't want to talk about -_-.

    With having cryptos taking a lot of my interesting but things starting to calm down in my world since a strong grasp has been taken of that situation I feel it is time to return to the fields I grew up in and work them once again. Thus I am declaring I will give the team at least 1 million points a month for the remainder of this year. This is also a call to everyone else in the community with higher end GPUs because it is easy to run f@h for a few days and contribute a huge chunk of points with little to no impact to you.
  • I buy games I already own == Free games

    Standard, only open to forums users that aren't brand new. Only request the one game you want until people have had a decent chance to claim others.

    I apparently buy games that I already purchased through a humblebundle so I have extras, keys will be given for steam unless otherwise stated:

    ********DISCLAIMER: This has been going on for a while so some of these might have disappeared one way or another. If you are interested and it isn't struck out please ask and I will verify if I still have it.***************************************************************************************************

    Trine 2: Complete Story
    Mark of the Ninja
    FTL: Faster Than Light
    Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
    A Virus Named TOM
    Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel (Group Key)
    Magicka + 2 DLC
    Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack
    Serious Sam 3: BFE
    Orcs Must Die! GOTY
    Sanctum: Collection
    Cities in Motion 2
    Battlefield 3 Origin Key
    Zeno Clash
    Killing Floor
    Dead space Origin FROM DIGI
    Medal of honor Origin & Steam FROM DIGI
    Defense Grid: The Awakening
    Hotline Miami
    Eufloria HD
    Contraption Maker (steam gift)
    Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete
    Gone Home With Soundtrack
    Red Faction Guerrilla
    Abyss Odyssey
    Contagion x3
    Euro Truck Simulator 2
    Overlord II
    Pix the Cat
    Psychonauts From Tushon
    Space Engineers

    From FettBacon
    Starwars Battlefront II
    Starwars Empire at War: Gold Pack
    Starwars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II
    Starwars Knights of the Old Republic
    Starwars Starfighter
    Cave Story+
    Cities in Motion 2
    Mark of the Ninja
    Binding of Isaac w/ Wrath of the Lamb

    From BlackHawk
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
    Ultimate General Gettysburg
    GRAV (Early Access)
    Victor Vran
    Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
    Knight Squad
  • This guy right here


    It finally happened. Nick is number two now, I lost the turn of my wings.

    Good job. I know you have been working to this for a long time.

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