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  • Dancing with NED

    Back in September, I posted about Ovarian Cancer and told you about my wife, Cathy, and her journey with this disease. Two major surgeries and 17 chemotherapy sessions (lasting up to 6 hours each) later her oncologist ordered a Positron Emission Tomagraphy (PET) scan which was completed two days ago. The results of this scan showed "N.E.D.-No Evidence of Disease." In cancer treatment circles this is the disease remission that you pray for referred to as "Dancing with NED." While it is not a cure, it is an indication that active disease is not present.

    I can honestly say one cannot know true sorrow until the one you cherish most is in peril and one cannot know true joy until the one you cherish most is saved. Right now, I am joyful to the point of tears. I pray that hers will be a long, slow dance (with Ned).

  • September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month

    I recently changed my profile picture to a teal ribbon which is the banner for ovarian cancer. This month is set aside as the time to recognize, not commemorate, ovarian cancer. In April, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 3c epithelial ovarian cancer, had two major surgeries and is now half way through her chemotherapy in an effort to arrest, not cure, her cancer. Only 40% of the women diagnosed with this stage of the disease survive 5 years from point of diagnosis. I have told friends and family that our world just stopped spinning when we received the diagnosis and prognosis. When the one you hold most dear is in peril, life takes on a whole new meaning. I thought I would pause for the moment and tell you about Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and my beloved.

    My wife's name is Cathy. As an online gamer, she was known as "SwissMiss." She doesn't do that anymore preferring the single player genres such as Far Cry 3, 4 and Primal. She is an adventure gamer who loves titles such as, Syberia and Bioshock and their sequels. Cathy is my best friend and my fishing partner. She can handle a 20' bass boat with the best of men and a true master of fishing the plastic worm. As a school teacher, she is the best I have ever seen. Students of all ages from Kg - 12th grade have flocked to her with any and all problems from academic to social emotional benefiting from her charm, wisdom and grace. She is a people person who has compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for all. She lights up a room whenever and wherever she enters. I am blessed to have her as my spouse.

    When her oncologist met us in pre-op to escort her for her second surgery, I told him, "She is the only reason I draw breath; please take good care of her." A tear fell from his eye as did mine after we spoke. To lose her would cut my heart out. I am prayerful that I will not, but there is NO CURE for ovarian cancer only remission which is all too temporary. Today, we are cancer survivors; tomorrow we don't know. That is the ugly truth of all ovarian cancers. There is no tomorrow, only today.

    Please reflect on the women in your life and the significance of September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

  • Re: Building credit through gaming!

    What @Thrax has given you is spot on. However, I'll throw in a suggestion or two. Start with a gas card from a major supplier like Shell, BP, etc. These cards are easy to get and are a great way to build your credit history. Never mind about your credit line (what the ceiling or cap is on your credit card), just pay it in full on time every month. It doesn't matter if you don't have a car; buy your mom's gas once in a while. Use your card in your name and pay it off each month. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll be reported as a reliable credit risk just by using such a gas card. You can also get a major merchandise card say from Kohl's or Bergners, even Walmart. Buy small stuff and pay off the bill the moment it comes due. Never roll over a credit card balance and never, ever take out a cash advance on a credit card. Cash advances are rigged by the creditor so as to charge you interest from the very moment you take out the advance. Worse yet, even if you try to pay in full a cash advance amount when the bill comes due, most company's will stick you for "odd days' interest" meaning they will charge you interest for the days between when they sent you the bill and the day they received your payment in the mail. This is a sucker play and nearly all creditors do this on cash advances. Lastly, if you have a place of your own and have the utilities in YOUR name, it will go a long way in building your credit rating if you do and pay the balance in full every month. I did this with my wife. Most wives (sorry ladies) don't have decent credit because nearly everything is in their husband's name so even though she pays the bills, he gets the credit rating not her. When my wife and I moved, I had her put EVERYTHING in her name instead of mine: phone, cable TV, water, sewer, electricity, gas etc. That was 3 years ago and her credit score is stellar, higher than mine, 849 vs. 790 for me. Creditors are continually sending her offers in the mail just to get her business. IOW, she is in HIGH demand. Oh, one more thing, if you are paying for car on time in your name and never have a late or missing payment, that goes a long way in building the credit you seek. Just remember: no matter what it is, always pay your bill in full every month. In credit card company circles, you'll be considered 'Charlie Potatoes' in no time and they will be pursuing you rather than the other way around.

    The best way to get credit is to prove you don't need it.

  • Re: In the aftermath of the Nov. 4 election, I thought this was particularly meaningful.................

    My sentiments are along the lines of @CrazyJoe. Agree with him or not; vote with him or not; the Office alone deserves more respect than what our President has received. It is heart-breaking. Who among us could endure the level of abuse Obama has? I, for one, could not.

  • In the aftermath of the Nov. 4 election, I thought this was particularly meaningful.................


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