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ardichoke Icrontian


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  • Re: Star Wars Episode VIII discussion

    To be fair, he is in Vietnam. :P

  • Re: Folding@Home clustering with Raspberry Pi 3

    Might want to add some cooling fans into the mix. Under load, the RPi3 tends to run pretty hot from my understanding (my RPi is never under load).

  • Re: Mad Catz shuts down due to financial woes

    @Linc said:
    If sucking meant failure, half of Vanilla's competitors would be out of business.

    Not that you're biased or anything ;)

  • Re: Detroit's streetcar: QLine

    Red Smoke without having to find parking in Greektown? Yes plz.

  • Re: Cars you've owned throughout the years

    @GHoosdum said:

    @ardichoke said:
    How does one accidentally purchase a brand new car (which I am very jealous of, love the Volt almost as much as the Tesla Model S)

    I basically made a starting offer to the dealership, expecting to have about $2000 of negotiating room from my offer up to what I was willing to pay, and they accepted my initial offer. I ended up getting the car for 25,500 net of tax and trade-in (trade in was valued at 2K, which was basically equal to the taxes). So, after the 7500 tax credit, I ended up being at 18K out of pocket for the Volt.

    Ultimately, I think it's a really good value, and they struck a decent balance between electric range and gasoline backup. We've put 4000 miles on the car since we bought it, and only filled up the ~9 gallon gas tank four times.

    Damn. That seems like a hell of a deal. Isn't the sticker price north of 30k? I'd take that deal in a heartbeat.


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