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  • Re: Missouri (2) : Part 2


    Hey guys. I want to apologize for this post being so late. Had a few things that distracted me for the past few days (seems to be one of my flaws) and I never got around to making this post until now.

    Anyway, our flight back home was delayed about an hour due to routine maintenance. Luckily that gave us enough time for me and mom to try one of the airport restaurants. We went to a restaurant called "Pork & Pickle" (anticipating usual Icrontic jokes now) and ate there. The food was actually pretty good and would love to eat there again. The only problem was that is was CROWDED! Then again, what do you expect from an airport restaurant.

    We managed to catch our flight and proceeded to head home. We landed in Indianapolis just after a storm rolled through so it was weird and cool to see something like that from the air. (Pics and video to come.)

  • Re: Missouri (2) : Part 2

    Now I want to make a note of the vid of me at Union Station. Aside from wanting to go there just to say I've been there, there was another reason I wanted to be there.

    As some of you may know, I have a soft spot for what I like to call "Gangland history". (Being from the land of America's first Public Enemy #1, it's a given.) Union Station plays a key part in that history, noting that an infamous gangster was possibly involved in the most infamous event on Union Station grounds:

    The Kansas City Massacre.

    For those wondering what I'm talking about, here's the Wiki article on it.


    My goal was to get a video of me on the exact spot where the shootout (also known as the Union Station Massacre) took place, seeing as the 84th anniversary of the event is coming up, but I wasn't able to....this time. Hopefully I will be able to next time I come back.

    But I want to mention their openness in acknowledging the event happened there. In contrast, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, tour guides are usually discouraged from talking about the deaths that happened throughout the track's history. With Union Station, however, they openly acknowledge the event, even reenacting it for their "Living History" program and app. Hell, while I was there, I noticed a man wearing a pinstripe suit and fedora (or panama, I get the two confused) who I had an assumption that he had something to do with the anniversary. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to ask. I just find it refreshing that Union Station has a more "Yeah, it happened," attitude in regards to an infamous event rather than try to distance itself from it. And that is why I hope to go back there the next time I come to Kansas City.

  • Re: Missouri (2) : Part 2

    My most favorite place to go to in Kansas City!!!

  • Re: Missouri (2) : Part 2

    Day Four

    The day I have been waiting for the most! I get to spend part of my day at the National WWI Museum....ALONE! Then I might be going around to some antique stores to see what I can find. Hopefully, I can be able to swing by a Vintage Stock store and pick up a game that I've been wanting for so long. The day looks good for me!

  • Re: Missouri (2) : Part 2

    End of Day One


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