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  • Expo Icrontic 2014 Bike Tour crashes the Governor's "Grand Bargain" announcement


    This photo was taken by one of my colleagues who was attending an event at the Globe Building, now known as the Outdoor Adventure Center. Inside, the Governor, Mayor, City Council, members of the media, etc. were attending an event where the Governor announced the "Grand Bargain" deal which pooled philanthropic and corporate donations, alongside state money, to fund the shortfall in retiree pensions that are in jeopardy since the city filed for bankruptcy.

    Congratulations, Icrontic! We photo-bombed the Govnah!

  • Re: Expo 2014 Bike Tour - Street art tour part deux

    The route map is up! You can also view the map on your phone with the Bikemap app.


    Points of interest:

    -Dequindre Cut
    -Eastern Market
    -Heidelberg Project
    -Belle Isle State Park
    -Iron St. Gallery
    -Mt. Elliot Park (New)
    -Detroit Riverwalk

    The total mileage is 14.5, and we will pace at around 8-10mph. We have plenty of time to finish the route, so there will be time for breaks and such. The total cycling time should be no more than 1.5 hours, which gives us about 30 minutes for breaks and stopping.

    Bring clothes that you are OK with getting wet in. The forecast is calling for drizzle in the morning, and rain in the afternoon. Also, there will be other opportunities to get wet along the way, including the new splash park at Mt. Elliot Park. The ride should be over by noon for those playing Giant Catan. Hopefully we will avoid most of the rain, but we have you covered if it gets too bad. Temperature should be in the low 70s, which is absolute perfect riding weather.

    This will be a continuation of last year's street art tour, with the addition of Detroit's riverfront parks, including Belle Isle State Park (Same island, better management!) Mt. Elliot Park, and Milliken State Park.

    I'll have a payment page up tonight for bike rental. We get a discount after 8 bikes, and it looks like we'll have at least that amount, so I will factor that into the price.

  • Re: Your take on Detroit

    Oh, and spread the word. It means A LOT more coming from an outsider than it does from me.
  • Re: Detroit files for bankruptcy

    The pensioners lost their retirement money a long time ago, when the fund was pillaged by corruption and incompetence. Whether it was Orr or the bankruptcy courts, I don't see it as them taking the pensions away, just delivering the message that the funds are no longer there. At least Orr was willing to go after the people who robbed the pension fund in the first place, and maybe there would have been restitution. It's all in the hands of the bankruptcy courts now.

    This is the best thing to happen to Detroit since the automobile. I was one of those people who were angry about having our local government usurped by a financial manager. But Snyder is not stupid, unlike the other municipalities where EMs have failed, he could not afford a failure in Detroit. Not only for political reasons, but also because the bond ratings of the surrounding counties are at stake too, and the ratings issuers have made that very clear. So we got lucky with Kevyn Orr, because he has no agenda, he's an expert, and he's also very good at delegation. And when I looked at those numbers, my jaw dropped to the floor. It not only showed that our situation was worse than we thought, it showed that our leadership has been lying to us the whole time about how bad the situation is. There was no way out of this but bankruptcy, and I'm speaking from a position where I see tremendous long-term growth.

    Moving forward, it will be good to see the city's residents getting real representation at the local level. The upcoming election is important because it's the first time we will get to vote for our councilperson by district. Before, when all of City Council was at large, many neighborhoods went completely ignored and hundreds of thousands of residents were without representation. The only thing I think we need to do now is move the city elections to the presidential election year, to maximize the number or people who will vote. Once the city's residents are clearly represented again, I think we will see long-term change that will continue to move Detroit forward after the city is solvent again.

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