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  • WPA2 is fallen, winter is here

    Proving once again that hackers security researchers are the reason we can't have nice things, the Key Installation Attack (KRACK) is loose in the wild and exploits an intrinsic weakness in the WPA2 protocol to let unsavory sorts do unsavory things.

    How screwed are you?

    That depends on who lives near you and how much you've pissed them off because as usual hacking WiFi networks requires the attacker to be physically close. On the down side, the short story is that there are no more secure wireless protocols.

    • WPA2 GCMP, WPA2/WPA TKIP: attackers can decrypt your packets, steal your network key, and spoof your clients to switch to their access point for other nefarious man-in-the-middle attacks
    • WPA2 CCMP/AES: attackers can decrypt your packets and spoof your clients to switch to their access point but can't steal your network key.
    • WEP: completely cracked years ago, you are better off using WPA2 CCMP/AES.

    The industrial and national espionage opportunities are more compelling than Eve going after Alice and Bob's home network traffic so some of you are more screwed than others. Authenticated WPA2 Professional still relies on the same underlying technology that has this intrinsic flaw. Additionally, some implementations are more susceptible to certain classes of attacks than others.

    Problematically, the extremely-vulnerable wpa_supplicant implementation is at the heart of any Linux-based system including and especially embedded ones such as consumer WiFi routers, smart TVs, and pretty much any Internet of Things device. For a lot of these things you'll be lucky to ever see a firmware update.

    The good news

    This can be fixed by a minor revision to the WPA2 specification that's backwards-compatible with existing devices/software/whatever. Network traffic that's designed to operate over unsecure links is unaffected (e.g. https://, encrypted VPN). Read a Mickens about security and feel better.

    The bad news

    Any fix will require a patch, a lot of stuff won't get patched, and any unpatched device/software/whatever is an attack vector. Unsecure network services (e.g. everything not designed to operate on the raw Internet) are exposed to attackers on your network. An attacker on your network can turn all your stuff into zombies, access your open network shares, and otherwise do anything that someone you've given your network password can do.

    Closing thoughts

    Have a nice day, patch all your stuff, and don't forget to use AES.


  • Re: Kerbal Space Program

    @RyanFodder noted after we finished up that I had no trouble controlling my vehicles while docking on RCS and not losing my bearings. A lot of that is practice but there's some stuff you can do to improve your play:

    • Ensure any RCS jets you place are equally spaced about your vehicle's center of gravity. There's a button in the hangar/assembly building that shows vehicle center of gravity like so:

      The advantage of doing this is that it decouples translation from rotation such that using the H-N, I-K, J-L translation controls don't impart rotational forces though it's possible to meet this with asymmetric arrangements if you balance things such that the force multiplied by the lever arm (distance to CG) is equal.

    • Even if you don't have balanced RCS jets, using the "hold attitude" autopilot mode will fire additional jets to cancel rotational moments whenever translation is commanded. You saw me using this feature anytime I was flying the small capsule by itself as it doesn't have balanced RCS.

    • Most folks build symmetric spacecraft such that it might be difficult to tell which way is which at a glance. I add navigation lights to solve this issue. The international standard convention is green on the "right" side, red on the "left" side, like so:

    • I put a cross pattern of lamps around my spacecraft docking ports both to provide an alignment aid to get that nice right-angle orientation as well as to aid finding the port in the dark.

    • Right clicking on a docking port and selecting "Set this docking port as target" will let you get relative positioning from your spacecraft control point to that docking port.
    • While you can set your spacecraft control point to any docking port on it, I find that this can make things more challenging as it rotates the control axes to something other than the default vehicle axes. I prefer to locate my docking ports in fore/aft locations for my chaser spacecraft such that I don't have to move the control point or rotate the axis system. If you're slow and careful, you can eyeball docking port alignment for side-mounted docking ports without needing to change the control point.
  • Do you like bananas?



  • Cloud Storage 2017

    Howdy folks, I just had a hard drive failure and was mostly able to recover my important stuff. I'm looking to store my stuff on some kind of redundant system that I don't have to manage. Is anyone able to recommend a cloud storage solution with the following features?
    1. > 40 GB data for < $20/year
    2. Encrypted, no-snoop, fully-private storage with ironclad TOS such that I could be comfortable uploading my tax histories or other documents that list my full social security number or bank account and routing info. I don't need subpoena immunity but I'll take it if offered.
    3. Local sync features comparable to OneDrive or Google Drive on Windows and Android. Bonus points for Linux support.
    4. Three nines availability. This service must be as available as my Internet service.
    5. Must not be known for losing data. Services which lose bytes of my stuff are useless to me.
    6. Stable financials such that the company isn't likely to close up and leave me out in the cold within 10 years.

  • Re: Paging Drasnor......

    I make a living exploiting the things you can do with an Earth that's not flat. The fact of the matter though is that it's not round either; it's lumpy and oblong and has these dense parts and floppy parts and the whole mess is just about as not-flat as things can be. Did you know that gravity is not constant? Not only does gravity vary geographically:

    but it also varies over time, both on a 12-hr cycle tracking the tides and on a 5.9 year cycle tracking the variation of Earth's rotational rate. It's very inconvenient.


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