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April 13, 1984
Hawthorne, CA
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  • Re: Shameless request for fabulous prizes (AMD Ryzen Last Clip Standing)

    @Cliff_Forster said:
    Dear Icrontic,

    AMD is giving away a PC powerful enough to launch the space shuttle. I need it.

    This is a common misconception about spacecraft computers; there does not exist anything even remotely architecturally similar to a redundant spacecraft computer in the PC hardware space. Both the performance required and demand for these kinds of computers are not very high which is why they tend to be old and slow compared to PC hardware. I'm excluding nanosatellites from this sweeping generalization; there's no telling what you kids put together in your garage.

    TL;DR I voted for your clip.

  • Re: I need help with this old portable pc.

    We're pretty far past the part where I would've taken @BlueTattoo 's advice and just installed Linux since Windows XP is several years past security patch termination and you can't run modern software or connect to the Internet without catching a virus. If you want to preserve the existing Windows install, try booting from a live Linux media such as Knoppix and saving the internal SSD disk image as a file on a USB stick using dd. That HOWTO assumes you're directly writing to another disk but I recommend just writing it out to a file since your disk is only 16 GB (the file will also be 16 GB).

    I would install Arch Linux for this combination of weird hardware and tiny hard disk but the price you pay for that is extensive manual configuration. Arch will be very difficult to install unless you are proficient with Linux and can isolate hardware foibles from user misconfiguration; you can count on having both kinds of issues with this platform. Regardless of your choice of distributions, I am not reasonably able to help you set up Linux on these devices. Feel free to tinker on your own and take advantage of the distribution's community support; just acknowledge that you're having fun and don't have a reasonable expectation of getting a working practical system out of it. Embedded hardware is notoriously hard to deal with unless there's a vibrant hacker community associated with the particular device you're fooling with.

  • Re: Prime's Ryzen build

    I believe that mini ITX is the future. Micro ATX to ATX? Go small or go home. The siren song beckons; join us! I live in a Lian Li PC-Q08B.

  • Re: Cars you've owned throughout the years

    @TheRedburn said:

    See, I don't think I'm allowed to complain about my cars anymore seeing as I've gone from hell to seemingly heaven. The two major complaints I have about it are its' gas-guzzling tendencies, and how extremely common it is. Everywhere I look I'll find ten, and half of them are white like mine. I'm going to take measures to stand apart from the crowd, like I did with the Geo. I already have black rims, mine has the dinky little spoiler, I'm planning on doing custom decals and the like. And, as with my other cars, I'm looking at upgrades under the hood. Already this car is more powerful than my last two combined, but again, I want to stand apart. That's one of the reasons i bought my doomed Celica.

    Inebriated @drasnor suggests that you are perhaps too self-conscious and that you take solace and pride in the fact that the noble antelope is superior in stature to the mustang and that you, secure in this knowledge. operate your noble steed every day with full disregard to the haters and the envious. Signed, yours truly, @drasnor


  • Re: Massalinie's march to 100 MILLION!

    As someone contemplating liquid cooling, tell us about your machine!