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  • Re: Icrontic Beer Traders

    since we've (USPS) contracted with Amazon Prime, I'm hearing rumors alcohol will soon™ be on the white list for us.

  • You're Awful, I love you.

    About a week ago, I was invited by a friend who had an extra ticket to go to Ludo's CD release party. I was like, who's Ludo? So I did a little youtube search, and pretty much became an instant fan. I told primesuspect about them via IRC, and this is what he had to say.
    Instantly I am a huge fan. I run a website called Icrontic, and the guys from Ludo are definitely living the Icrontic Life .Icrontic would be happy to put our 22,000 members on alert that Ludo is the band to watch. We have several big gatherings at least 4 times a year, and we will definitely be happy to pass out Ludo swag, raise awareness, and play the music. People come from all over the world to Icrontic gatherings.

    So, if you have never heard of them, check it out. They are doing a US tour now, and you can find out if they will be in your neighborhood at their site Ludo

  • RWBY Volume 3


    I'm hyped

    Weiss' sister Winter
    Ruby and Yang's moms & uncle Qrow
    Team SSSN
    Blake & Adam

    gonna be gud

  • Re: Hope you had a good 8-8-2015, fools

    I honestly don't remember when I joined IC (I think it was Nov/2000), but the earliest web archive snapshot I can find showing me "online" is 1-21-2002, so I guess that works


  • Come play SWTOR with us!

    Cyclonite, Charity and myself started playing SWTOR again in anticipation of the new expansion coming from Bioware, Knights of the Fallen Empire. We're building up our legacy, going through class stories and making as many credits as possible for when the xpac hits :)

    Currently subscribers get 12x experience boost on class stories, eliminating the need to grind side quests to level along with added bonuses of quick travel and commendations for gearing. swtor.com/blog/epic-story-xp-boost

    We've re-created the Icrontic guild (apparently it got deactivated for being unused for so long) and are on the server The Harbinger playing Empire faction. If enough people join up that want to play Republic, I see no reason we can't make a sister guild as well.

    Any questions, feel free to ask. If you want to come back and are on a different server, I can provide my referral link which will give you a free server transfer and 7 days of subscription along with other goodies.

    If you haven't seen the trailer for Knights of the Fallen Empire (shame on you), here it is:

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.


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