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Yukon, OK
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August 28, 1976
Yukon, OK
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  • Re: The Cloverfield Universe and my nerd theory about it: MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING I TELL THE WHOLE PLOT

    This is not JJ Abrams. No lens flares.

  • Re: Announcing Expo 2017!

    My Battlecruiser is ready.

  • Re: Expo 2017: Travel Plans & Hotel Sharing

    @BobbyDigi said:
    I request DTW Pickup at Midnight Tuesday (6/20) night and Drop off 4PMish Monday (6/26)

    Digi Arrival: TUE, 20 JUN 2017 11:54 PM Delta DL 2828

    Digi Departure: MON, 26 JUN 2017 5:47 PM Delta DL 1269


    I can pick you up.

  • Re: Trying to be healthy

    Random thoughts...

    It's great that you've started. That was actually the hardest part for me. The other hard part was sticking to it.

    The quick version of what has worked for me: My journey to being healthy started with martial arts, but for the last two years I've been at a CrossFit gym. The benefit to both of these is there's a consistent group of people working toward similar goals in a "classroom" type environment. There are trained coaches leading and making sure things are done correctly to avoid injury. We all see each other nearly every day and notice when one person isn't there. Haven't been there in a couple days? Someone is sending a message or calling to make sure everything is ok. A good CrossFit community is like the Icrontic community, except instead of computers, board games, conversations, friendship, good food, and alcohol, it's exercising, conversations, friendship, good food, and alcohol.

    All that said, just do something that gets you moving - go for a walk to start, then move to jogging, then running. If you want to get stronger start with body weight movements like sit ups, push ups, squats, running. For best results, use a combination of both strength and conditioning.

    If you're not looking to join a gym, you can always go to any sporting goods store and get some light weights if you need them.

    Counting calories is fine, but make sure you're getting enough to fuel your body. There isn't a universal number that works for everyone, but there are some pretty good guidelines out there. Perhaps @Thrax could point you to some good resources. Also be sure to look at @HumerusMeg's food blog for some really good recipes.

    Try not to get discouraged when you hit a plateau. Just remember you're making yourself better than you were yesterday, even if a number doesn't go up or down like you want it to.

    That sugar craving disappears eventually.