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August 28, 1976
Yukon, OK
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  • Re: Icrontic 2018 Events & Accommodations

    @GnomeQueen said:
    Has anyone seen my liver? I can't remember if it got shot out of me or cut out for sale on the black market.

    Sorry about that. Needed to buy alcohol and lottery tickets

  • Re: Cars you've owned throughout the years

    Story time...
    In 2013, a few weeks before Expo, my 2001 Nissan XTerra completely fell apart. It was replaced by a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Then bad stuff happened and a year later I traded it in to lower my expenses - a decision I regretted for a long time. A couple months ago I started casually looking for another one. My requirements were pretty well defined: same packages, good condition, and the same color. By the start of last week my search led to three viable candidates - one in Dallas, one three hours SE of Austin, and one in Lakewood, CO. The Dallas one was at a dealer with a shady AF reputation. The one SE of Austin very likely has experience as a submarine now. I was back in OKC for the week to get a new roof on my house, and did another search on Thursday. That search turned up a local match at a dealer I've purchased a couple of cars from. It was the right color and according to the description it met my equipment requirements. When I saw the VIN I thought it was pretty similar to my old FJ. After digging through my insurance records, I determined it was a match. So I drove up to the dealer just to see if I wasn't crazy. There are a couple of things unique to my FJ - aftermarket seat heaters (two rocker switches were installed in the button panel) and a 99% repaired dent in the passenger door. Sure enough, it was my old FJ with a couple more scratches and 55k miles more than when I sold it. It went home with me that morning.

    tl;dr: I am the first and third owner of my FJ Cruiser.

  • Re: The Cloverfield Universe and my nerd theory about it: MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING I TELL THE WHOLE PLOT

    This is not JJ Abrams. No lens flares.

  • Re: Please Do Not Burn Your Eyes Out!!!

    Was excited because OKC is at about 85%. Then I saw the date and realized Austin is at 65% ;D

  • Re: Music on vinyl

    This must be what it feels like when I try and explain computers to my mom

    ...except I can google...


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