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  • New build (and the story behind it)

    It's been established that I don't like to do a standard single CPU/GPU build because that's boring. The down side is that sometimes it's hard to find parts at a reasonable-ish cost. My now previous configuration, an i7-2600K, Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3, 3xR9 290, 32GB DDR3-1866 setup developed an issue... More specifically, the motherboard did - it refused to display video during POST or boot unless all GPUs were removed and the 2600K's GPU was used. Since the motherboard was just barely within its 3-year warranty, Gigabyte had me send it to them for service. A couple weeks later they got back to me with the bad news: the board is bad and they would be unable to repair or replace it with anything comparable. Instead, they offered to refund the full purchase price, shipping included. No complaints on that front, but it left me without options to use the rest of the system in its desired setup since there weren't really any Z77 boards available that support three GPUs plus a RAID card. Fortunately I have an AMD FX-8150 and Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 board that can do just that, so in it went. All was good until I started firing up virtual machines...then it wasn't so good. No big deal, virtualization works well on my laptop. Then I started doing some x265 transcoding and realized this wasn't going to cut it anymore.

    Then I started looking for a new setup.

    I've toyed with the idea of moving to an LGA-2011 setup for a while now. It would actually cost less for my requirements than a Skylake setup. While searching for a motherboard, I stumbled across something that was completely unexpected: many (if not most) non-server LGA-2011 boards would support Xeon E5 CPUs. And then I looked at Anandtech's Bench comparison of the 2600K and some of the more ridiculous Xeons. And then I looked on eBay...

    Now for the fun part...the new system specs:
    Motherboard: EVGA X99 Classified
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2695v3 (14C/28T, 2.3GHz)
    RAM: 64GB (4x16GB) G.SKILL DDR4-2400
    GPU: 3xRadeon R9 290
    Storage: 256GB SSD (OS), 12x3TB RAID-6 array

    I'm also in the process of moving from flexible to rigid tubing for the water cooling system for a more clean look.

    Some fun facts:

    • Even though the i7-2600K is clocked 1.1GHz faster, in single-threaded benchmarks that Xeon is only marginally slower. Multi-threaded applications that I use every day (virtualization, video transcoding) heavily favor the Xeon.
    • There seems to be a very poor market for used server CPUs.
  • Re: Expo @ ICHQ: Rules of engagement 2015

    I'm bringing a bunch of homebrew again this year. Everyone of legal drinking age is welcome to enjoy it, but I would appreciate if three things are done:

    1. The bottles fall into the 'not returnable' category, but they can be reused. When you are finished, please rinse out the bottles and put them in one of the boxes they came from. It helps keep my costs down and avoids unpleasant surprises when I'm unpacking.

    2. When drinking the dark cider, please be very careful. It sits somewhere around 14% ABV and doesn't taste like it. Be responsible and be ready.

    3. Let me know what you think of it whether you liked it or not. It helps me to figure out whether a recipe is working or not and whether I should prep it for next year's Expo.

  • Expo 2015 Homebrew :)

    Some people start thinking about Expo around the time tickets become available. I start during the current Expo because :beer:

    Anyway, I've been brewing for Expo 2015 pretty much since returning from Expo 2014 and should start having some real results soon. So far here's what is in production...

    1. Cherry chipotle mead. Should be around 8% ABV. If it's anything like the first batch you'll probably have to fight for one.
    2. The same Dark cider recipe that didn't quite make it to the official Day 1. Be careful - it's 14% ABV and doesn't taste like it.
    3. Sour cider. It's far more tame than previous batches at 5.25% ABV. It's not quite ready for a tasting yet, but it smells really good.
    4. Primesuspect's Perfect Coffee Porter
    5. Another in the line of mystery brews.
    6. Unaltered mead. Turns out it was about as popular as the cherry chipotle variety, so it's another split batch.

    And now for the planned brews, all of which are making a return appearance:

    1. Lincoln's Hoppy Ending - brewed and fermenting almost ready to bottle bottled
    2. Honey Ginger Saison - brewed and fermenting almost ready to bottle bottled
    3. Bobby Miller Light ran out of time :(
  • Vote on November 4

    If you are of age to vote get your ass out there and make your voice heard on Tuesday. Regardless of your political beliefs, if you don't vote you have no place bitching about how the opposition is ruining the country with their views on whatever topics you care about.

    And if I haven't convinced you, perhaps you need to be reminded of this:

  • Re: Oculus Rift: Good news and bad news

    Half-Life 2 gains official Oculus Rift support.

    Or, in more simple terms, now you can brownpants every time a spiderhat gives you a facehug.

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