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The Forgotten Coast
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October 20, 1983
The Forgotten Coast
  • Re: Star Wars Episode VIII discussion

    And I don't get to see the movie tonight, my local AMC theater has corrupted files and can't show the movie. Their computers are also down and can't even give me a refund. I bought tickets two months ago, they tried to offer me a voucher for two free tickets, that I have to use THIS WEEKEND.

    I work all weekend.

    I am not happy right now.

    I am beyond pissed off.

  • Re: Icrontic celebrates the life of Spencer Hayes

    I ordered a Captain and Coke tonight and sat it next to me, with a bar stool leaned up. The bar staff at Poor Pauls kept anybody from sitting there, or moving the drink, whenever I got up. They know. I then ordered 3 water moccasins, did one, sat the other two with the drink.

    Captain was the favorite of two of the best people I have ever known. Two of the best taken far before their time.

    I want to argue with Spencer one more time, I want to have a crazy LAN with Mortin one more time.

    Fuck October.

  • Re: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season 2017 edition

    Here we go again.


  • Re: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season 2017 edition

    Nice work Joe!

    I am fine here in Tallahassee, we never saw much of the storm except a few hours of 50 mph winds and a lot of rain. I never lost power, though most of town was out at one point or another. Good portion of my friends are without power as well as most of my family. My sister in the Orlando area is fine, they had a tree land on part of the house, but she said there doesn't appear to be major damage. My parents down on the coast are fine, just going to be without power for a few days as a tree took at a pole on their street.

    I think its time to fire up the grill.

  • Re: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season 2017 edition

    Still not much here, but I know that @CrazyJoe is getting hit pretty decently: my sister lives in his area and she just lost power.

    Tampa and St. Pete are getting walloped pretty good right now with the real danger coming after the eye passes in the form of a massive storm surge. I am afraid that Keaton Beach, Dekle Beach, Steinhatchee and Cedar Key are going to be completely underwater right as they were finally starting to recover from Hermine last year.

    Also, I might've started on the vodka. And the beer. And I still have power so I made steak sammiches.

    I don't expect sobriety or power to last much longer.


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