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  • This game looks interesting

    A thread for sharing and discussing games that look intriguing and aren't necessarily mainstream.

    This game looks interesting:


    Currently 1v1 - one player is a sniper and the other is a spy and each of them have to use psychological and other cues: the spy to remain hidden, subtle, and to blend in with a fancy cocktail party while accomplishing a list of spy tasks, and the sniper to identify the spy based on behavior to take out the target. Seems intriguing!

  • Out with a whimper, not a bang

    Today the TF2 server finally ran out of money and I cancelled the service.

    The Icrontic TF2 server was up for over 10 years, entirely community funded, and responsible for some of the greatest gaming memories and friendships of my lifetime.

    Thank you all for everything! No game has held on longer or had more of an impact on the Icrontic community than Team Fortress 2.

  • BATTLE FOR AZEROTH LAUNCH LAN PARTY - August 14th-16th, Detroit

    It's here! The launch of World of Warcraft's seventh major expansion, BATTLE for AZEROTH has been announced.

    It will be launching on August 14th, 2018, which is a Tuesday. Presumably (based on past releases) this means at 3am EST on Tuesday (very late-ass Monday night) we'll be able to log in and start the game. I have already requested time off and will be playing WoW from 3am Tuesday until I pass out. I don't go back to work until Friday morning.

    Important note: This launch party will be the first that will NOT be held at ICHQ. It's going to be at my new house (I should probably name my house!) which is a couple miles away from ICHQ. Still very close and accessible to freeways, and we should have plenty of places for people to crash so nobody will need to get a hotel or whatever (and besides, why would you).

    This event is much closer to a classic old-school LAN party. Junk food, late nights, pajamas, and pushing the limits of human endurance (falling asleep at your keyboard) like @TiberiusLazarus here at the Warlords of Draenor launch party back in 2014:

    Bring your gaming laptop or desktop, we'll figure the rest out. See you in Azeroth! Post here if you're in!

  • New Unreal Engine real-time ray tracing demo is insane

    Using a new Microsoft graphics framework called DXR, on NVIDIA Volta GPUs, with Unreal Engine. Absurd.

  • Re: Be our neighbor!

    LOOK AT THIS INSANITY! You can move to Detroit, own two custom-built mint condition classic cars, own original working antique 1950s Frigidaire appliances, be a super eccentric weirdo, and IMMEDIATELY OWN EVERYTHING IN THIS FUCKING WACKO MONSTROSITY OF A HOUSE!



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