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Alesis announces three new products for electronic percussionists

Alesis announces three new products for electronic percussionists


Alesis is known as a company that makes some of the best studio monitors in existence. This is why they will always have the attention of audio professionals when they release new products of any kind. They have recently released three new products geared towards electronic percussionists and beat-makers, to continue the legacy they have built as the world’s fastest growing electronic drum brand, furthering their continued excellence in electronic music technology.


Alesis SamplePad

The compact SamplePad is an affordable sampling solution for drummers. It comes with twenty five built-in percussion and electric drum sounds and has an SD card reader that enables you to load your own samples. The unit can be mounted on a snare rack or added to an existing drum kit. It also has an input for an external kick drum pedal as well as a MIDI out to use it as a controller for other devices.

DM10 X Kit

Alesis DM10 X Kit

The DM10 X Kit is a combination of the DM10 drum machine module and the XRack, an electric drum rack with a comprehensive set of drums and cymbals. The kit contains a total of ten trigger devices including a 12″ snare, two 10″ toms, two 12″ floor toms, a 12″ high hat, a 16″ three-zone ride cymbal, two 14″ crash cymbals and the aforementioned DM Kickpad bass drum pedal.

The highlight of this product is probably the rugged rack that holds it all together. It has a four-post design to keep it sturdy and features quick-release clamps that secure each pad in place. This allows you to re-organize and re-arrange your drum set on the fly.

DM6 Session Kit

Alesis DM6 Session Kit

The DM6 Session Kit is a more basic version of the DM10 X Kit. It comes with five drum pads, three cymbal pads, hi-hat and bass drum pedals. The DM6 drum module comes with more than 100 sounds. This is a great product for home studio producers, and you probably won’t find a better kit for the price.


  1. Cliff_Forster
    Cliff_Forster One of the things my dauther consistantly asks for is a drum kit. Rather than get some toy, I'm actually considering the DM6 because frankly, I think I'd have fun on it too, and $379 aint so bad?
  2. djmeph
    djmeph I agree, Cliff. Great value at that price.

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