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AMD releases Catalyst 11.11 and CAP 1 for Radeon GPUs

AMD releases Catalyst 11.11 and CAP 1 for Radeon GPUs

Radeon Catalyst 11.11Today AMD released their Catalyst 11.11 drivers along with Catalyst Application Profile 1 (CAP 1) for this driver. The CAP is for Crossfire multi-GPU setups.

The driver brings the following:

Adobe Flash Player 11 support
Enables full support of the GPU accelerated Stage 3D API and Stage 3D applications
Supported on the AMD Radeon HD Series of GPUs, A-Series APU and E-Series APU


  • Images and textures are no longer corrupted (blue) in Rage (see this discussion on Reddit)
  • Bezel compensation now works correctly with Far Cry 2.
  • Screen tearing is no longer randomly observed while moving a window on the desktop while in Clone mode or Eyefinity mode.
  • A black screen is no longer observed when extending displays.
  • Homefront no longer crashes randomly when Crossfire is enabled.
  • DC Universe Online no longer hangs soon after selecting a character and entering the game.

The Catalyst Application Profile (CAP 1) brings:

  • Battlefield 3:  Tweaks to the CrossFire profile
  • Global Ops – Commando Libya:  Improves CrossFire performance
  • Driver San Francisco:  Disables CrossFire

You can download the Windows 7/Vista 64-bit package here, and the Windows XP 32-bit package here.

The CAP 1 for 11.11 is here.

One thing you may notice conspicuously missing from this CAP is a profile for Skyrim. Radeon Product Marketing Manager Robert Hallock assures us it is “coming shortly.”


  1. wax
  2. Ryder
    Ryder https://twitter.com/#!/AMDAndy_Glover/status/136522117410865153

    After doing some lunch time testing #Skyrim seems to be running better with Catalyst 11.11 and CAP 1.

    Maybe nothing specific.. but there is that :)
  3. wax
    wax better but no word of crossfirex!
  4. fatcat
    wax wrote:

    soon. I hope
  5. fatcat
    fatcat wax.

    using the new drivers and CAP I am able to play Skyrim on Ultra settings with Crossfire now. Not awesome FPS, but 40-60.

    Hopefully Skyrim CAP will increase that even more
  6. ashkan Where is skyrim CAP ?!
  7. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe OK, stupid question, but what is CAP 1?
  8. Ryder
    Ryder Catalyst Application Profiles, I believe.

    Custom settings for certain games.. when you load the game EXE.. blammo, card configured based on AMD's recommendations.
  9. ardichoke
    ardichoke Another stupid question: Should there be Catalyst 11.11 for mobile cards? I went to update my driver today on my laptop and the downloader started pulling 11.10 again.
  10. Ryder
    Ryder Probably not until later this month.. I believe even the 11.11 are actually "beta", typically the full drivers are out nearer the end of the month.
  11. primesuspect
    primesuspect The 11.11 are not beta; they're WHQL-certified, full release.
  12. Ryder
    Ryder Well shut my mouth and...................... :grumble:
  13. fatcat
    fatcat AMD is too busy playing Skyrim to release a Catalyst Application Profile(mainly CrossfireX) for Skyrim.
  14. Cliff_Forster
    Cliff_Forster Since we are having this discussion, why not roll the CAP into the driver? Why separate them? It just seems like it adds an unnecessary step?
  15. ardichoke
    ardichoke I'd assume it's so they can update CAP without having to update Catalyst
  16. Cliff_Forster
    ardichoke wrote:
    I'd assume it's so they can update CAP without having to update Catalyst

    I suppose that is logical, but if you had a certain CAP version just included with the driver, it would not necessarilly prevent them from issuing a hotfix for that CAP would it?
  17. Snarkasm
    Snarkasm The issue here is that the Skyrim CAP wasn't ready when the driver was.
  18. fatcat
    fatcat There is a new CAP for Saints Row and Gothic 4 Arcania.

    AMD said fffffffffuuuuuuu to Skyrim
  19. Thrax
    Thrax I can assure you we did not. We were just provided pre-release builds of those games. Bethesda did not follow suit.
  20. Snarkasm
    Snarkasm Bethesda said ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu to Radeon users?
  21. primesuspect
    primesuspect Don't you know, Rob? ASSUME IT'S AMD'S FAULT ALWAYS
  22. Thrax
    Thrax Herpderp shitty drivers must be incompetence can't be any other reason hurrdurr.
  23. fatcat
    Snarkasm wrote:
    Bethesda said ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu to Radeon users?

    aye, and now AMD is all butt hurt over it and is taking forever.


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