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Mario Maker for Wii U

Nintendo announces Mario Maker for WiiU at E3 2014: Make your own Mario levels! MAKE YOUR OWN MARIO LEVELS! Add comment

Season Four of the League of Extraordinary Icrontians is here

The League of Extraordinary Icrontians is a scheduled, weekly TF2 game that brings in Icrontians young and old, new and grizzled, to our awesome Team Fortress 2 server for lulz, competition, smack talk, badges, and Good Times™. It runs from January to September of each year, and then we take a three month break for […] Add comment

GTA V breaks its first record: Most Expensive Game to Develop

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V just shattered a record for being the most expensive video game to develop, ever. Hell, it even cost more than most Hollywood blockbusters to make. Add comment

Europa Universalis IV is the best strategy game of 2013

Paradox continues the grand tradition of the Europa Univeralis franchise with what is easily their best game in the series - Europa Universalis IV. Add comment

New Releases for The Month of Dragon Possession and Pogo-sticking

Here are some interesting new releases in video gaming from Icrontic's ever-vigilant CB Droege. Add comment

The warp lanes and space bears of StarDrive

StarDrive is a real-time 4X strategy game that has many flaws and a few extremely compelling features that all add up to: Well, you should at least try it. Add comment

Last preorder bonus announced for Europa Universalis IV

The final pre-order bonus for Europa Universalis IV has been revealed, and it’s a doozy: if you purchase Europa Universalis IV before its release, you get a free full copy of Crusader Kings II. What’s more, you also get an exclusive converter program that lets you take your beloved CKII kingdom, and import it into […] Add comment

The Game of Books project makes reading (more) fun

The Game of Books is a game that rewards people for reading books and branching out to explore other genres of books. We talk with the creator. Add comment

New Releases for The Week of Foil Cards and Vampire Sneakers

The world is a vampire, right, CB? Icrontic's bloodthirsty CB Droege brings us this week's interesting releases in gaming, including DARK and Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014, but not Company of Heroes 2, so Bobby Tallmad. Add comment

E3 2013 press conference roundup

The big press conferences at E3 brought some yawns and lots of surprises as E3 2013 kicks off. Add comment

The Bones and Alarms of Monaco

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is a tactical heist game that is best enjoyed with others... as long as you know them. Here's the Icrontic review. Add comment

Pre-E3 2013: SteelSeries introduces the H-Series gaming headsets

SteelSeries is making a new product announcement just ahead of the frenzy of E3 2013. Add comment

New Releases for The Weeks of Vikings and Card Towers (Double Issue!)

Icrontic's stormy CB Droege brings us the last TWO weeks' worth of new and interesting releases in video gaming, which is his editor's fault. Add comment

Gran Turismo 6 announced for the PlayStation 3

Sony has announced that Gran Turismo 6 is coming... for PlayStation 3. Add comment

New Releases for The Week of Commanders and Capsuleers

Icrontic's stellar CB Droege brings us this week's interesting releases in gaming: Anomaly 2, and DUST 514. Add comment

New Releases for The Week of Ships and Chops

Icrontic's sacrificial CB Droege brings us last week's interesting releases in gaming through no fault of his own; Leviathan Warships and Soul Sacrifice. Add comment

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness review

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness is a worthy successor to the series. Add comment

Nintendo turns the 3DS to focus on classic franchises

Nintendo last week revealed a slew of WiiU and 3DS news. Here's the roundup. Add comment

The Evil Within teaser trailer

The teaser trailer for Bethesda's upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within, has been released. Add comment

A4TECH V3 Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mouse review

We'e entering a strange new world: One in which hardware comes with DLC. Here's our review for the A4Tech V3 Bloody Gun3 gaming mouse. Add comment

New Releases for The Week of Space Heroes and Safe-crackers

Icrontic's cooperative CB Droege brings us this week's interesting releases in gaming: Don't Starve, Star Trek, Monaco:What's Yours Is Mine, and StarDrive. Add comment