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Expo Icrontic 2014

“As the summer sun rises over the city of Detroit this June, it will shine on the sleepy heads of cultured geeks from all over the world as the annual gathering of gamers, card-tossers, wine lovers, beer aficionados, foodies, artists, and friends known as Expo Icrontic begins.” That’s what we wrote last year for Expo […] Add comment

The Tastes of Detroit Food Tour 2013

The restaurants for the Tastes of Detroit Food Tour 2013 have been announced, and they are all Detroit favorites. Add comment

Building an open source bridge

When you're trying to cram two pieces of open source software together and decide to write your own plug-in to do it... well, it's not all fun and games. Add comment

Expo Icrontic 2013 sponsors

Expo Icrontic wouldn't be much without our absolutely awesome, super generous sponsors. Here is this year's fantastic lineup. Add comment

Expo Icrontic 2013

It's time! June 26th-30th is the tenth annual Expo Icrontic—an amazing celebration of technology, gaming, d Add comment

Ring in the New Year with Icrontic for ICNY2013

It's time for another party! ICNY 2013 is coming! Add comment

The one Kickstarter that Icrontians should fund

The Isles of the Sun is a D&D campaign world that is being funded on Kickstarter. Here's why you should support it. Add comment

Icrontic celebrates the life of Spencer Hayes

Rest in peace to dear Icrontic community member Spencer Hayes. Add comment

You want a ROCCAT Isku and Kone+, don’t you? Yes, you do.

Want to win an awesome gaming mouse and keyboard from ROCCAT for free? Of course you do, don't lie. Add comment

Icrontic HQ on the move

Nine years of community artifacts have been packed up as we begin the move of our headquarters from Warren, Michigan to Detroit. Add comment

Introducing Vanilla Reactions on Icrontic

Today Icrontic rolls out the Vanilla Reactions system, allowing users to vote for excellent (and not so excellent) posts. Add comment

Computex 2012 pre-show warmup

Icrontic is covering Computex 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan. What do you want to see? Add comment

Icrontic and Raptr sittin’ in a tree

Icrontic gets an official topic page on Raptr, one of the best new social gaming networks. Add comment

Tastes of Detroit Food Tour 2012

One of the most anticipated events at Expo Icrontic is the annual Tastes of Detroit food tour; here is the list of destinations for 2012. Add comment

Karma’s giving away a copy of Nexuiz

It's Friday. Let's give away a game. Add comment

Expo Icrontic 2012 sponsors

Icrontic sponsors are the best sponsors. Add comment

Icrontic in Maximum PC

Icrontic gets media coverage, it's true... but it's not always what we expect. Add comment

Expo Icrontic 2012

The 9th annual Expo Icrontic, a huge celebration of gaming, camaraderie, and geekery, is happening June 20-24th 2012 in Warren, Michigan. Add comment

Proven 4 gets an Icrontic high five

In which Icrontic thanks Proven 4 for their sponsorship and free samples for our community. Add comment

The unsung heroes of CES 2012

Yeah the gadgets and gizmos of CES are awesome, but the little things that made our coverage easier and more convenient deserve some praise too. Add comment

Come for the games, stay for the awesome

Yeah, it's another one of those mushy "Icrontic is amazing" posts, but we love those here. Add comment