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Craigslist flooded with modified Xbox 360s

Craigslist flooded with modified Xbox 360s

Look at all those pretty modified Xbox 360s

Look at all those pretty modified Xbox 360s

Earlier today we reported that Microsoft was banning modded Xbox 360s from the Xbox Live network. Now, in reaction to this news, Craigslist has become flooded with modded Xbox consoles for sale.

For anyone looking for a modded console or who doesn’t care if they can connect to Xbox Live, there’s no better time to be purchasing a used Xbox. The consoles are going for as low as $90, which isn’t a bad price for something that normally retails for $200.

On the other hand, anyone wanting an unmodded console might want to avoid Craigslist, or any secondhand Xboxes right now. Some people are reporting that they purchased supposedly unmodded Xbox 360’s off of Craigslist very recently and found that they actually had been tampered with.

Microsoft is reporting that they will not extend the warranty to used Xbox 360’s, and anyone finding that they have accidentally acquired a modded Xbox are on their own. As a result of this, and of the many players that must now be looking for new consoles to replace their banned ones, Xbox 360 sales will most likely rise in the near future, especially at the holidays.


  1. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ Sucks to be a pawn shop now too, I bet.
  2. lordbean
    lordbean I can only imagine.
  3. Bandrik
    Bandrik I can just see a whole slew of people purchasing a second Xbox, now that prices have dropped (both for resold modded ones and new retail ones). "Best of both worlds" kind of thing. Which is really too bad...

    Me, I'm sticking with a legit 360. The few games I actually want for it, I'll happily buy.
  4. pragtastic
    pragtastic I wonder how places like GameStop are handling this new influx of bad hardware?
  5. the outsider PS3 - It Only Does Everything - welcomes former xbox users
  6. ThatzMyDawg @pragtastic,
    theyr'e supposed to check to see if the systems have been tampered with first, if the warranty sticker is intact. If not they can not accept it. If they stck with their already existing rule there should be no problem getting a used one from them.
  7. murph @ThatzMyDawg
    You can mod without breaking that sticker.
  8. Lacoka_houston Just another ploy by MS to get MORE sales to keep ahead of PS3!!!

    They saw that they were about to loose the console war by the end of next year so they Ban 1 million people that NOW have to BUY another Xbox..

    LOL MS are Theifs
  9. Thrax
  10. BIRD This is fantastic.... there must be a ghetto entrepreneur working at M$ cause that is some hood hustle-n right there.I love it.and if it were my box i would buy another one and never cross back over to the darkside
  11. cover MS has always banned modded xboxes. this isn't news.
  12. jared
    jared Play with fire, you get burned.

    No surprises here.
  13. wax
    wax i'm sure everyone "accidentally" acquired their modded xbox.
  14. AlexDeGruven
    AlexDeGruven I'm not up on the 360 hardware, but is there no way to "un-mod" your 360 once you've done the deed?
  15. mike you can unmod yes but you cannot unban
  16. fadfa ps3 is JUNK. hahahahaha
  17. wugga Could you single player play games on consoles that have been banned? If I can pick one up for 50$ I might go for it. I wanna play l4d.
  18. Thrax
    Thrax Yes you can, Wugga. :)
  19. primesuspect
    wugga wrote:
    Could you single player play games on consoles that have been banned? If I can pick one up for 50$ I might go for it. I wanna play l4d.

    The only problem with that is: L4D as a single player experience gets old VERY quickly. L4D is meant to be played with people.
  20. Paul Even if I had a banned 360 and couldn't sell it I'd buy another one before a PS3. What a worthless brick that thing is!
  21. Brendan PS3's are pretty amazing, actually. The problem is that there isn't the online support that Xbox Live brings. If you don't care to play games online... PS3 is amazing. Especially when it comes with a blue ray. If you want online support though... xbox is the way to go. However, like the article states... if you don't want online support... just get a mod'd one... way cheaper than a ps3.
  22. 360experts To AlexDeGruven and mike.

    It is very possible to Un-ban an xbox 360. I have done it. The only problem is that it's around a 5 hour job and you must flash the nand with details from a console which hasn't been banned.

    Technically I could buy 100 or these banned consoles, Un-ban them and sell them for full price. Unfortunately old habbits die hard and as soon as one person is banned they would all get banned.
  23. hammerhead wat da hell, microsoft is always crapping on about original material and banning piracy. there loosing to the ps3 so they make people who already have the xbox, buy another one
  24. Snarkasm
    Snarkasm In fact, they're not losing to the PS3 in any metric that matters to Microsoft.
  25. Zain Guyz,i am a victim of modified xbox ..
    i purchased if for 34,000 PKR which is almost $450 here in Karachi,Pakistan.
    The retailer made a fool out of me be giving me a moded xbox elite .. =( i mailed to microsoft about this whole matter... lets see if there's any help... ;# piracy sucks!
  26. primesuspect
    primesuspect Sorry to hear that, Zain :(
  27. Jereme 1 question name a ps3 game thats says 1080p capable on the box Enough said. all your games are 720p why waste a blu-ray tbh.
  28. ardichoke
  29. Koreish
    Koreish Once again the little console that could is left out of the "big boys" discussion. The Wii continues to out sell both other consoles by a large margin and guess who Sony and Microsoft are copying at E3 not something the other company produced but Nintendo.

    I sure wish people would stop being ignorant, but then I guess the world wouldn't be as happy as it is now.
  30. Thrax
    Thrax The Chevy Aveo sells well, too. ;)

  31. joe the runner im am going to buy a $100 xbom slim 4 gb with 2 controllers do you think the xbox is modded?
  32. pragtastic
    pragtastic No way to tell without plugging it in and trying to get on an Xbox Live service (that i know of). If you can try before you buy, it would be recommended (assuming you don't know the seller that well).

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