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CryEngine 3 SDK arriving this summer for free

CryEngine 3 SDK arriving this summer for free

The Crysis modding website is down, but not without a revealing letter from Cevat Yerli detailing the release of the editor for Crysis 2. More importantly, however, the CryEngine 3 SDK has been detailed. According to Yerli, the SDK will being coming in August and will be free of charge. This is obviously an attempt to compete with UDK, which is Epic’s free-to-use SDK for the Unreal Engine. Yerli goes on to say that the user who uses this free version of the CryEngine 3 SDK is using the same version which Crytek used to build Crysis 2, including the ability to access and modify the existing shaders, game code, and scripts of Crysis 2.

When Crysis was originally released, with the Sandbox 2 editor I was able to dive right in and make my own, fantastic looking levels. I wasn’t the only one either; there was a massive modding community and it is still strong to this day (look at the kinds of things you can do with this stuff). As a former Crysis modder, I feel I can speak for the entirety of the Crysis modding community in saying that we were thoroughly disappointed with the lack of mod tools in Crysis 2. This may be Crytek’s time to redeem itself to the modding community while potentially taking some the engine market share from Epic.

If you want to read the entirety of the letter you can visit Crymod right now.


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