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Themaltake DuOrb and MaxOrb – One Orb or Two?

Themaltake DuOrb and MaxOrb – One Orb or Two?

Thermaltake has become a very familiar name in the PC hardware community. It seems that just about everyone has owned a Thermaltake product at one time or another. I still remember replacing the OEM heatsink on one of my old Palomino-based Athlon processors and swapping it out for a trusty Thermaltake Volcano 7. Founded in 1999, Thermaltake now has hundreds of products in their lineup. They are also one of the few PC accessory makers that has gone public—Thermaltake is traded on the Taiwan stock exchange (TSEC).

Image courtesy of Thermaltake

Today, we have two of their newest CPU coolers in the labs—the DuOrb and MaxOrb. You may be familiar with the very popular Thermaltake DuOrb VGA cooler that they also produce. The DuOrb CPU cooler employs the same basic shape and cooling principals, but has been reworked for CPU use. We’ll also be taking a look at the new MaxOrb—a single 120mm model.


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  1. Winfrey
    Winfrey We are getting quite a collection of heatsink reviews now aren't we!:bigggrin:

    Good write up as always Mike, I was just wondering if the DuOrb got the Icrontic Stamp of Approval or was that just the MaxOrb?
  2. Leonardo
    Leonardo Thanks, Mike. I'm always keen for new reviews on heatsinks.
  3. lemonlime
    lemonlime Thanks guys :)

    Only the MaxOrb has received the seal of approval. Although the DuOrb is a good heatsink as far as performance and aesthetics are concerned, I simply couldn't look past the very high price and compatibility issues. Had the MaxOrb not had the fan vibration issue, it probably would have received an "outstanding product" award over the stamp of approval as well.
  4. Stefan Anyone know if i can get DuOrb on Asus P5KC motherboard... I want to upgrade CPU cooling so i can get my C2D8200 a bit oc-ed? P5K Deluxe on pic is similar to P5KC but i am warried cuz of heatsink on northbridge, its a bit taller than on deluxe... My case is small too but i think it will fit(CM Elite 302)... If someone tried it pls reply

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