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Fairytale Fights Developer’s Diary – Episode 1
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Fairytale Fights Developer’s Diary – Episode 1

Today Playlogic released the first of three Developer’s Diaries explaining the story behind the Fairytale slasher “Fairytale Fights”

You can purchase Fairytale Fights from our Amazon affiliate store for PS3 and Xbox 360.


  1. chrisWhite
    chrisWhite I love how over the top this looks, I really want to play it
  2. Dreja Just a rip off of FAT PRINCESS, lame game.
  3. CB
    CB I'm not sure why you would think so, Dreja. It's nothing like Fat Princess. Not graphically, not in gameplay or theme, nothing. It's not even in a similar genre. Fat princess is an RTS, while Fairytale Fights is a side-scrolling brawler. What part do you think is a rip-off?

    (Also, I saw this game in the works, and interviewed the developers about it a month or so before Fat Princess was announced, so there is also a chronology issue at hand.)

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