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Google Steam?

Google Steam?

The latest rumor out today is that Google is looking to purchase Valve. The Inquirer has the scoop from “well-placed sources.” Steam has taken the forefront in the content distribution platform for PC Gaming and it appears that Google has taken notice. This purchase would definitely solidify Steam as the content distribution platform to reckon with on the PC.

The questions it brings to mind are: Would Google integrate GTalk with Steam? Is Google going to advertise on Steam if purchased? Would Google use Portal technology to dominate the world?

UPDATE 4:11 PM: Valve’s PR guy Dave Lombardi tells MTV.com this rumor is “complete fabrication“.


  1. Linc
    Linc Thanks for submitting the story, Zanthian! Good find.
  2. GHoosdum
    GHoosdum I hated Steam at first. Now I wish all PC games were released specifically on Steam. This seems like it might be good news, though I'm a little bit wary of seeing other software show up on Steam. Unless they add the ability for custom tabs, I can see the "my software" list getting very cluttered, very quickly.
  3. pigflipper
    pigflipper Its been noted several times by Valve employees and management that STEAM is still in its infant stages and won't be fully mature for a while longer. Right now though, as a game distribution method, its doing really well. Valve was smart to keep going with STEAM even after the early beta problems.
  4. Caffran
    Caffran It is fake it is not really going to happen. In all the interviews with Valve they said they will never sell.
  5. Zanthian
    Zanthian Thanks for the followup Caffran!
  6. GnomeWizardd
    GnomeWizardd Yea sure they never will, And I will be the next president! remember money talks
  7. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx I hated steam early on as well. When I was on 56k, it was absolutely killer to have so many updates so frequently. Thought it was helping, it was inconveniencing me.

    I still have a screencap of when I signed an anti-steam petition back in the day when Valve shut down the WON servers. I was so salty about that, if I only knew then what I know now.
  8. PurplezArctic
    PurplezArctic Not.. true.
    Does anyone have thoughts as to what could've significantly changed for Steam under Google's ownership?

    ::Edit:: Oh, Caffran debunked before I could debunk.
  9. Preacher
    Preacher I've been very impressed with Steam. It has its warts and bugs, but overall it has gotten better and better. TF2 and HL2 were its killer gaming apps. I've used it to play a game on a friend's PC that I downloaded.

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