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Last Gadget Standing finalists are in

Last Gadget Standing finalists are in

featureThe voting for finalists at the Last Gadget Standing competition is closed and the announcement is about to be made: Which gadgets have made the cut?

Icrontic’s own Brian Ambrozy will be presenting the Microvision SHOWWX Pico Projector at the show. It may not be the first or most unique pico projector on the market, but it represents a trend.

LG has made waves in this market as well: The LG eXpo combines a smartphone with a pico projector for mobile warriors who may need to show presentations on the road. This is just one example of a trend in 2010 that Last Gadget Standing is covering—and that’s what LGS is all about—identifying trends for the coming year in tech.

Upcoming trends for 2010, based solely on our exposure to the gadgets entered into the competition, include E-readers, smartbooks (a device somewhere between a smartphone and a netbook), green technology, and even more ways to make the consumption of media faster, easier, and with more fidelity than ever before.

Last Gadget Standing is happening at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, NV at 10:30 AM Pacific Standard Time.


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