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Sanctum DLC, free weekend announced

Sanctum DLC, free weekend announced

Sanctum DLC and Free WeekendIndie developer Coffee Stain Studios announced today that a new patch for their first-person tower defense title “Sanctum” will bring two new maps along with a new tower and weapon. From the press release:

“Elysion One Overrun received a lot of feedback and we’ve used it to make this batch of downloadable content a lot better,” Lead Designer Oscar Jilsen explained. “For one, we’ve ensured that everyone, and I do mean everyone, will have access to the new tower and weapon. We want our free content to be as good as our paid stuff.”

“They’re going to further the story a bit more,” Jilsen added. “Slums will bring players to the Old City, a place that we haven’t really had the opportunity to show just yet. Elsewhere, the rescue efforts are going deeper underground to escape the aliens because the roots the aliens originate from are incapable of going below a certain depth. All in all, we’re working on expanding on the universe and showing the real plot behind Sanctum.”

“I’m excited about the geeky technical stuff. We’ve finally sorted out [most of] the bugs,” said Lead Programmer Markus Rännare. “Sanctum now has localization support, client side hit detection to help reduce the feeling of lag, FOV setting support and cloud saves. We’re also introducing three new game modes to the game. The game is, quite literally, better than it ever was.”

In addition to the patch, Sanctum gets a free weekend on Steam, starting today and going through Sunday the 6th. If you haven’t experienced Sanctum yet, give it a shot. You might enjoy it a lot.


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