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FS: Fiio E10 DAC/Amp -- $50 shipped

ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Pokémaster, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind DroneAustin, TX Icrontian
edited 15 Apr in Trading Post

Cleaning out my closet of unused toys. I have here the Fiio E10 DAC/Amp in absolutely superb condition. USB cable included.

Good for cans from 16-300 ohms. Don't flip the gain switch on the bottom to high if your headphones are <32Ω.

Great entry-level DAC/amp that's easy on the wallet. :) Send ICPM, payments accepted via PayPal, shipping to CONUS only.


  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Pokémaster, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX Icrontian


  • Cliff_ForsterCliff_Forster Baltimore, MD Icrontian

    I actually have one, it is a brilliant little headphone amp. If anyone does desk work where they can put on some headphones most of the day, maybe programming or CAD work, and your company has the typical run of the mill awful OEM boxes from Dell, HP, Lenovo for you to plug into all day, these will make a world of difference assuming the IT guys don't mind, which they shouldn't.

  • SonorousSonorous F@H Fanatic Virginia Icrontian

    Tempting to pack along with my work gear. Hard to justify the space in my bag though.

  • drasnordrasnor Hawthorne, CA Icrontian
    edited 4:16PM

    I've been holding off because I'd want to use this at work but I don't have a good source as I can't use mass storage or file sharing on my work PC. I think I'd need to use my phone but everything I see suggests that things like this drain the batteries lickety-split due to some sort of USB protocol limitation that prevents simultaneous charging and peripheral connection. I have a Nexus 5X with USB-C. I'm currently using an ancient iAudio X5 to get my fix. Ideas?

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