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Magic: The Gathering format: Pack War (Icrontic style)

LincLinc BardDetroit, MI Icrontian
edited Feb 2018 in Gaming

It's pretty simple.

  • Open 2 packs.
  • Remove the token + land. Do not look at the rest of the pack.
  • Add 3 of each basic land.
  • Shuffle & play. Normal rules (best of 3, 20 life, etc).

You get a free mulligan if you draw all lands or no lands (and reveal your hand). Otherwise, no mulligan.

This checks a lot of boxes:

  • Nearly zero setup time.
  • No collection necessary.
  • Still a good skills challenge.
  • Fun way to open packs via game.

The "official" Pack Wars (aka Mini-Master) format is to play with only 1 pack. @Soda and I played with 2 over the weekend and that seemed about perfect so I'm sticking with that at the moment. We had a couple blowouts, but most of the matches were surprisingly challenging and great games. In our second game, we managed to open 3 mythics in 4 packs between us and go thru all of them in 1 game.

Highly suggest this for a boardgame-length Magic duel. I have plenty of packs to support this.


  • drasnordrasnor Starship Operator Hawthorne, CA Icrontian

    I'm probably going to reveal my age here, but by pack do you mean booster pack or starter deck?

  • LincLinc Bard Detroit, MI Icrontian
    edited Feb 2018

    @drasnor said:
    I'm probably going to reveal my age here, but by pack do you mean booster pack or starter deck?

    Booster pack.

    Starter decks (later "tournament pack") ended a long while back (they were basically 3 booster packs with extra land). The last set to offer a tournament pack was Shards of Alara (a set which you may recall if you played in a @Colgere draft at Expo 2009).

    These days you'd buy a Bundle, which is 10 boosters + land + a card encyclopedia of the set + a spindown life counter.

    Way back booster packs were also different numbers of cards. Today, every set has 15 cards in its boosters.

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