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For Sale: Enterprise Hard Drives

AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Not as tall as Bobby Tallbeer. Twilight Sparkle is overrated.Meechigan Icrontian

Oh hi.

So, I've upgraded my server (Dell R710) from 146G to 300G drives, and now I have some 146G drives hanging around my office area that would like a home.

They are:

Dell (Seagate Savvio) 15k RPM 146GB SAS drives (6GB/s, I believe). They do not have trays, as I had to re-use them for my 300G drives.

I have 8 of them. I'll ship anywhere in the lower 48 for no extra cost. Outside of that, I'll be fair and honest.

$20/each, shipped.

I also have 2 146GB 10k drives with trays. I'll let them go for $12/ea shipped.

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