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Best Internet Security Software?

MountainDewMountainDew Kentwood, MI
edited Oct 2004 in Science & Tech
What do you guys (and gals) think is the best internet security/anti-virus software out there? I've been using Norton Internet Security/Anti-Virus, but ive recently heard that its not as reliable as i thought it was


  • leishi85leishi85 Grand Rapids, MI Icrontian
    edited Oct 2004
    Best internet security i think is common sense.

    I don't usually use anti virus or firewall, and all these yeas of using a computer, i have never got a virus that done any damage to my computer or the operating system. It could be that i reformat and reinstall OS frequent, but it's also due to that i don't open stupid email attchments, and go to FREE XXX websites, and the such.
  • MountainDewMountainDew Kentwood, MI
    edited Oct 2004
    I agree, but I think you should have something there...like when im searching for a no-cd crack or something, sometimes you have to go to some pretty shady sites to get what your looking for.
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