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Mouse only works in safe mode

TherealpizzakingTherealpizzaking Northwest MO
edited May 2007 in Science & Tech
Hey all... searched for a possible solution, but found none yet. My desktop computer has had a few troubles lately, namely the mouse quit working.

Win ME/ and the problem occurred during a software screwup while trying to update Adobe acrobat. Not sure if this has anything to do with it or not, but ever since I tried to update my acrobat, mouse quit. I can get it to work in safe mode ony.

Non optical mouse. Tried new mouse (non optical) and still didn't work. Removed Adobe acrobat and still no mouse. Tried PS2 and USB..same thing...

My graphics also went to crap, and colors are set to 16 and pixels are default at 640 x 480. (appears like it is in safe mode). Computer won't accept changes when booted up normally either.

Any idea what a royal pain in the rear it is navigating without a mouse? It reminds me of the old dos days....

anyone know a good place to start?

Thanks for helping out!



  • botheredbothered Manchester UK
    edited Dec 2005
    I think a move away from windows ME might be a good idea.
  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
    edited Dec 2005
    Another vote for ditching WinME. You'd be better off with with Win98, for that matter.

    It sounds like you either have a serious virus (possible), or that your WinME has some system file corruption (more likely). I'd advise you to back up your data somewhere and prepare for a format/reinstall.

    Good luck. :)
  • edited May 2007
    Hi, it happaned to me to figure out what was my problem (same isue).
    In fact, I had to open the msconfig app and uncheck every marks in order to do a "clean boot" (in safe mode"). Since then, I reached to use mouse in real mode.
    Next, I had to clue what item was avoiding the mouse from working. So I puted a mark on "system.ini" (still in msconfig) and restarted the computer. The mouse has stoped working. So the trouble came from the system.ini... I opened then the "system.ini" file located in windows directory and saw a big mess in all the sections (weird chars and so on) and even some missing sections. After a quick search, I found a clean copy of the system.ini. So I "copy/past" the backup into the system file and saved it.
    Finally, I opened again msconfig and set the system to start in "normal" mode (every marks checked).
    After restarting the computer, my mouse was working again... it was a hard one but now, the beast still bites the dust...
    If you do so, it can happen that you loose your sceen adaptor's configuration (as it's set in the system.ini) so you'll have to boot th computer in safe mode and to remove the screen adaptor from the device manager, then restart, the computer detects the video card, installs it, then asks for a restart, and then it's finished
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