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Hopster Firewall Bypassing Software

This Post Is Regarding Hopster
The Software That Is Capable Of
Bypassing Firewall - Bypassing Proxy & HTTP tunneling

This Review Is By Bassam And Its For Only Short Media Fourms :aol:

Some Of The Main Features By The Creator Of This Software Are :

Bypass Firewall - Bypass Proxy - HTTP tunnel
Chat with your friends using your favourite applications: MSN, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Miranda, Trillian, mIRC... Wherever your friends are, hopster will bypass a censoring firewall and take you right to your buddies.

Browse, Surf, Download & Chat Anonymously
Hide your real IP address and protect yourself from nosy people and wannabe-hackers. With hopster, there's no way anyone will know where or who you are.

And They Also Say It Secure

hopster protects you from the nosy Bad Guys on the 'net. It hides your actual ip address, making it impossible for hackers to trace you. And our firewalls protect you from unwanted visitors.

So Let Us Checks That Weather This Software Is Safe Or Not? And How It Works?

1: I Downloaded The Software From Its Site

The Software Is Only 1.27 MB Quite Smaller The Other Bypassing Software Good Thing It Dont Require Java To Run

2: The I Purchaed The Hopster Plus+ From The Hopster.com

I Buyed Hopster Plus For Testing Purpose Only So Know Let Us Test Hopster?

I Closed My Antivirus & Runned The Setup And Followed The Setup Information. At Setup Components I Noticed About A Adware " WebHancer " Which Will Be Installed With It. Good Thing Is That You Can Select It And Deselect It.

:Pwned: The Installation Toke 10 Sec To Install Hopster. After Installation It Automaticly Started Scanning Open TCP Ports. WOW Thats Good.

After Scanning Was Completed. The Configertation Window Showed Up.




What I Did At Configuration Screen I Just Entered The Plus User ID That I Purchsed. Then I Press Ok And Exit The Progarm Completely For 5 Minutes.

Now We Started The Program & Now Let Us Test It On Some Softwares That Supports Socks 4/5.

1: MSN Messenger 7.5 : Very Good Voice Chat + Web Cam
2: Kazaa Lite : Super My Avrage Download Speed Used To Be 7 To 10 KB\s Which Was Raised To 30 To 32KB\s
3: Limewire : Good Download Speed Is Super But Hopster Gets Hang While Downloading
4: ICQ : Super It Was Blocked By My ISP Now Its Working
5: Mozilla Firefox : Super Speed Up By 50%
6: eMule : Dum Before It Used To Download At 5 To 18 Kb\s Now Its Downloading At 127bytes\s
7: eDonkey : Good

So With Hopster The Software That Is Have Tested Worked Pretty Well Except eMule Well Now Let Us Check How Secure It Is?

1: I Exited Hopster
2: I Ran Spyware Scan : Result No Traces Of webHancer
3: I Enabled Antivirus : WoW As Soon As It Was Enabled "Virus Alert" I Fell Of My Chair :zombie: Its Seems To Me That Hopster Copys This File iDonate.dll Which Is Infected By Win32:Trojan-Gen To C:\Windows\ Every Times It Starts

So Before It Was A Good Software Now Its A Dangerous Software

So Becareful About This Software It Not Safe. It Is Win32:Trojan-Gen Infected.


I Will Use It On A Useless PC For 1 Month The I Will Format The Pc And Reinstall The Windows This Way I Will Recover $9.95 For This Software.

:rarr: Thank You For Reading My Review About Hopster :rarr:

I Will Add More Reviews Soon & Sorry For My Spellings I Dint Have Time To Check Them
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