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LincLinc Community InstigatorDetroit, MI Icrontian
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Since we here at Team Icrontic believe that knowing your teammates is central to a strong team (and we are all about having a strong team :D ), it would be awesome if each member took a moment to at least write a few words about themselves: their background, interests, futures and that sort of thing. :)

Many took the time to do so in the past, and I hope they will do so again here.


  • LincLinc Community Instigator Detroit, MI Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    My name is Matt Russell, and I'm a student at Juniata College, which is located between Altoona and State College in PA. I'm studying to become a social studies secondary education major and work full time in the summer and part time during the year as an assistant to the campus technology center's training director.

    I started folding around September of 2002, when my friends dodo and RADEON_MAN recruited me to the team. Since then I have recruited between 15 and 20 of my friends, created a flash video for Team 93, and have served as one of the team's Folding@Home moderators.

    I played quints (5 tenor drums) in the marching band through high school and played Magic: the Gathering for five years (I rarely play now for a lack of opponents and money). I'm an Eagle Scout, and a certified Emergency Medical Technician in PA.

    I am incredibly excited about our "new start" here in the forums: our new home provided by MediaMan, Shorty, and primesuspect. As you've probably noticed, we are getting a ton of support from the owners. :) It really makes me feel good so many have stuck with us through the transition. Team Short-Media will live on forever! :D
  • ChipChip Dallas Member
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    I'm Chip. I've been folding with you guys for a month or so. I think I've got about 160WU's.. it's a start.

    I'm an old guy of 36 and am the webmaster for Clan Beowulf. I've been working hard learning PHP (we run PHPNuke). I just made my first PHP scripts to post and archive Pics of the Day (POD). I'll be making it into my first PHPNuke module this week.

    I like to hit the gym when I'm not doing geek stuff. That's how I got my nick Chip. I'll spare you the full story.

    I learned of you guys through Gargoyle and Buddy Jesus Oklahoma University guys.

    We have our own BattleField 1942 Desert Combat mod server on a T3 in Oklahoma. It's called The Witch's Castle. We have the whole OZ theme going on with our server names.

    Oh ya, and that avatar is my face I put on my Quake3 character. Tut's on how to do that sort of thing are in our Content section of our website.
  • GobdGobd Seattle, WA
    edited Jun 2003
    I'm Brian, 18 years old, and I've been folding since sometime around the beginning of 2003. I live in Seattle Washington.

    When I'm not browsing forums or doing school work (i'm a junior in HS) i'm usually playing Tribes: Vengeance with friends or out practicing my on my unicycle. I'm into photography also so I spend a lot of time doing that. I listen to indie type music but anything except rap is good with me. Right now I'm listening to lots of Dashboard Confessional, Aqau (good 'ol Aqua), and Green Day. Don't mention them to me tomorrow though, my music tastes change pretty fast and for all I know I might hate every one of those bands by tomorrow.

    4th post! :P I just couldn't resist.

    *updated on October 4th 2004*
  • SlickSlick Upstate New York
    edited Jun 2003
    Real name is Kevin. I am pretty much the same as gobd except I live elseware and play different games. Currently my game of choice is planetside and raven-shield. I am in a ravenshield clan called {DoG} Dogs Of Glory. I play a major role there, even though supposedly we are all equal, I think I step up :). I currently have two boxes folding for team #93. This XP box which is a 2GHz P4, and my mandrake linux box, which is a 500MHz AMD K2-6 :p.
  • CammanCamman NEW! England Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    hey everyone, my name is Cameron, I live in Portsmouth, NH. I'm currently a senior in highschool (graduating in a little over a week now, June 13th, w0000t), I will be attending New Hampshire Technical College next year persuing a degree in Computer Science specializing in Network Administration and Security.

    My current full-time hobby is making minifilms which I post online at my site www.purposelessproductions.com it's lots of fun and I enjoy doing work that people can get some enjoyment out of. We're currently starting our summer production which we are going to be spending a lot of time on so that it will be up to the highest quality we would like for submitting to several film festivals.

    I like and listen to all different types of music, same with movies as well. That's about all I can think of about myself for now, thanks to everyone involved with this great new site, I finally have a new home! (I know it wasnt THAT long, but it's good to be back!)
  • Omega65Omega65 Philadelphia, Pa
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Wali
    Location: Philadelphia Pa
    Age: 30+
    Interests: Computers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy (Movies & Books), Hangin out in the S-M Forums :)

    More later...... :)
  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Raúl Muñoz (Hispanic)
    Age: 18
    Location: Puerto Rico (Caribbean)
    Interests: Pwning n00bs in Raven Shield (just like I did §lick a few times :rolleyes: ), UT and any other FPS. Computers in general. Know jack about programming :(. So that's what I'm gonna study in college :D
  • TrinityTrinity UK
    edited Jun 2003
    Name Trinity aka Natasha aka soon to be Mrs Shorty
    Age :eek:
    Location United Kingdom
    Occupation Police officer ;)
    Interests Stealin shorty's old upgrades to put in my PC, general PC techy stuff, Gaming, Music, hangin out wit da guys at ShortMedia ;)

    On the team as Trinity77 :)
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
    edited Jun 2003
    Name Marc Monnin
    Age 18 - 19 in July
    Location Sidney Ohio
    Occupation Student
    Interests Computers, Folding, all kinds of stuff

    I am a Senior that had his last day on Friday. I graduate on Saturday (June 7th) and will be attending DeVry University in Columbus next Summer for 3 years. I will major in Computer Engineering Technology

    I joined Icrontic in Oct 2001 and set out to read the enourmous FAH thread Leo made. Decided to join the team. Hehe 32nd one to join actually. Became addicted to Folding and Icrontic. Because of it I became the computer geek I am today and I credit it all to Icrontic and folding. I would not be where I am today without them and would not be headed in the same direction either.

    Well as many of you know I was a hard core folder and became mod because of it. The addiction has brought me here and I will continue to be as long as there is a good cause to make my computer work on.

    Fold on guys.:)
  • EMTEMT Seattle, WA Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Yo, I'm Phil, a 17yr old junior (I guess a senior now? graduation was yesterday) in high school in Montgomery County, Maryland. I do pretty advanced academics in school as well as singing for the choir... been in 2 musicals, I like to be well-rounded... none of my RL friends are interested like I am in everything about computers though. At least we get LAN parties done every now and then. Anyway I'm thinking of studying electrical or computer engineering in college.

    I joined Icrontic in Feb 2001 because of Paul's KT7 FAQ and the hilarious Ghetto Hardware. Never a huge poster but it's where I learned almost everything about hardware and tweaking.

    I fold under the name ElanMorinTedronai, which I used at Icrontic, but it's long and weird so I'll just be EMT here.
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    From the "www.short-media.com About page":

    Brian "primesuspect" Ambrozy

    Brian Ambrozy has fifteen years of computer experience, ranging from the obscure to the very latest cutting edge professional hardware. In 1999, he founded sarcnet industries, inc. which provides revolutionary computer and network maintenance for small- to mid- sized companies in the Detroit, Michigan area. A devoted practitioner of Theravada Buddhism, he strives to bring happiness and peace to people and loves utilizing technology to do it.


    Okay, so that's the official, media-friendly description. But it helps to have a start...

    I am a father and a husband, a spiritual seeker, a business owner, and a techie, in that order...

    I have two boys, Perry and Kyle, who are currently 5 and 4 years old, respectively. I have been married for almost five years to my wife Tracey.

    I live in a suburb of Detroit, actually 1 block north of Detroit.. In fact, I live directly off the famous "8 Mile Road" and yes, it is as bad as it looks in the movie.

    I started sarcnet industries back in 1999 , along with my good friend -tk who is the Unix Mod on this site. We do computer maintenance, mostly of the MCSE-skill-set variety, and networking. We also do hosting (as if you didn't already know that!).

    I am an unabashed follower of the buddhist path, and will talk your ear off about it if you let me. It's true when I say that I love using technology and communications to help people. The internet has been the single most revolutionary concept in human communication (I put it up there with the invention of the written word) and so I feel that we are entering an era of spiritual renaissance due to our extraordinary ability to communicate with people today. That's why I love forums so much. What a great place to help people and maybe bring a little peace into their lives.

    The fact that MediaMan and Shorty honored me deeply by asking me to come on board is almost more than I can fathom. So, as your humble host, I promise that I will do my best to make this a happy, peaceful, fun, and fulfilling place to hang out.
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Christopher Conrad Simon Sr. (Chris)
    Birthday: September 30th, 1958
    Location: Lafayette, LA
    Occupation: Drafting & Design Technology Instructor
    Interests: Swimming, fishing & gumbo.

    I am a cajun descendant but I don't speak the language.
    ...have a wife, son, stepdaughter, dog & cat.
    ...am catholic.
    ...hoping to build a new house soon so that we can live happily ever after!!!
  • fatcatfatcat Mizzou Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Greg
    Birthday: 7-8-77
    Location: Vermont
    Occupation: I/O Manager
    Interests: My daughter/Golf/Computers/Nascar
    Homepage: http://jones77.netfirms.com
  • tychotycho Santa Barbara, California!
    edited Jun 2003
    My name is Matt and like General Keebler I am from Pennsylvania. I live in a tiny little place known as Erwinna which is located about half-way between Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley, right along the Delware river (in fact I drive to jersey to get gas, its cheaper that way).

    My family consists of a couple of brothers and sisters all of whom are younger then I am. One of my brothers attends Syracuse currently. We have two cats here and I personally have three fish up at school with me for a little company. My love life has been intresting for the last few years as I am currently on for the third time with my best friend and possibly love of my life Charlotte. We attending high school together although we do not attend the same school now. In fact she goes to Washinton DC each year while I head in the opposite direction.

    I just finished my junior year of college this past May at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY. I am 3/4 of the way to earning my bachelor's of science degree in Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics. I spend nearly all of my time while at school doing any of the following: homework, projects, tutoring, studying, doing lab work, playing video games, or sleeping. I fully intend on going into the area of microelectronics research when my time at RPI is done with. Wether or not I go directly onto graduate school remains to be seen.

    This summer I will be heading to Santa Barbara, CA to work an internship I was awarded at the Universtity of California Santa Barbara. I will be working on a nanofabrication research project will I am sure will prove to take away all of my free time which I would rather be using to check out the California coast. Needless to say I am incredibly excited to get out there, although I will not be leaving until June 16th.

    I started folding about a year ago when I was informed about it by my friend ReelBigFish. At first I just let it run on what at the time was my new rig and I set it up on my laptop. Mostly I didn't really worry about it. For a couple of months last fall I stopped folding to try out SETI because I thought it might be intresting. However I came to miss the feeling of being on a team so I came back to folding. This past winter I was able to add folding to a computer in a lab which I do research in. This brand-new P4 rig runs 24/7. It was right around then that I really started to frequent the team forums and let folding begin to take over my life. I now have only 4 or 5 processors folding for me, but there was a time when I had upwards of 9 or 10 going.

    I want to stress the point that what really did it for me with folding was the team atmosphere here. Knowing that there are all these other people out there and we are all rooting for each other and the team is definitly the main reason why I continue to fold and seek out new folding machines. I am very proud to be a member of Team 93 and I certainly hope that we can re-organize ourselves and re-claim our top 5 place!
  • WuGgaRoOWuGgaRoO Not in the shower
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: WuGgaRoO
    Ive been folding for icrontic for appx a year..now im on team short media..i suppose...Well..im a folding fanatic...i try to get as many comps under my belt as possible...too bad i cant have em all on right now...cuz my mom would kill me for the bill...but when i get back to my college dorm...oh u better believe there will be a lot of folding power....
  • CaffeineMeCaffeineMe Cedar Rapids, IA
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Bill Maly
    Age: 32
    Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
    Weight: 241.5 and falling, thank you Dr. Atkins

    Job: Help Desk tech for a large insurance company. Mind numbingly dull at times, but also interesting. Payz da billz as they say.

    Hobbies: I gots 2 childrens, a wife, a dog, and a mortgage. When those obligations are met, I am a hardware hacker. I also enjoy shooting sports, and reload my own ammunition. I hunt in the fall and I enjoy long moonlit walks along the beach, or something sensitive like that.

    Controversial stuff: I tend to be conservative, but I am not a Republican, political parties suck, all of them. Even yours. I don't actively practice any religion, as I feel if I am to be judged/evaluated in an after life, I will be judged on the sum of my life, and not where I spent my Sunday mornings.

    Goals: Finish MCSE certification by the end of the year. Or so.

    What else....I host Icrontic14, which no doubt will need to be renamed at some point in the near future here. I like Desert Combat and UT2K3. Oh, and Guinness :beer: when I can get good Guinness. That's all for now, continue awaiting further orders. :nudge:
  • edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    I am Ed Blessman. The bulk of my waking hours are spent as a metallurgical engineer for a company that manufactures stainless steel tubing.

    I would love to be in school again. I have a B.S. and M.S. from Purdue and an MBA from University of Tulsa.

    My wife and I have been married 24 years. We have two daughters (13 and 15) that remind me how clueless and fun being a kid was. Rule #1, teenage boys are stupid. And our dog is great too.

    I started at IC when I needed to replace a very old computer. It was a great way to catch up on technology. I started folding because it sounded like a worth while cause and the forum was fun.

    I travel a lot for work, both in the US and in Asia. I am trying to contact fellow folders where ever I go. I have actually met a few of the guys.:beer:

    We like it here in Wisconsin. I grew up near Detroit, lived and worked in Indianpolis for 10 years. We also lived in Oklahoma (Bartlesville, no not Phillips) for 12 years. Since my wife and I have family in MI still we wanted to get back north.

    Being an old guy I am a novice geek. I am not running any bleeding edge equipment, but I will never fall more than a couple of years behind with my equipment.

    I am a rather conservitive guy, in every respect. But I have traveld a lot and like almost everyone and everywhere.

    I am glad to see us together in our new home. Now let's recruit a few more to join us!

    Thrax, I am sorry to see that you go to Dumbdaro. I of course went to Kimball. About 30 years ago!!
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    Name: Jason Akers
    Age: 28
    Location: Dunca, Oklahoma
    Occupation: Soon to be Full Time Student

    Been folding for about a month now.
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Pokémaster, Watch Slut Austin, TX Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Thrax, I am sorry to see that you go to Dumbdaro. I of course went to Kimball. About 30 years ago!!

    Hilarious, but Dondero has been the better school academically for the better part of the last 21 years. The average graduate GPA of Dondero is 3.25, and the average graduate GPA of Kimball is 2.63.

    Dumb indeed.
  • qparadoxqparadox Vancouver, BC
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Derek Sahota
    Age: 20
    Location: Coquitlam, BC, Canada (near vancouver)
    Occupation: Professional debt increaser (aka Student)
    Interests: Solid-State Physics, Computers, Rocketry, Middle/Near East and Islamic History and Culture, anything to do with technology

    I'm a second year student taking electronics engineeering at Simon Fraser University. My specialization is engineering physics which means I'm some sort of wierd engineering/physicist crossbreed. I'll add more later as I've got a lab to finish :D
  • tychotycho Santa Barbara, California!
    edited Jun 2003
    qparadox said
    I'm a second year student taking electronics engineeering at Simon Fraser University. My specialization is engineering physics which means I'm some sort of wierd engineering/physicist crossbreed.

    Nice! Sounds like you are pretty much in the same boat as me... :thumbsup:
  • GHoosdumGHoosdum Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Rob Updegrove
    Age: 23
    Location: Cincinnati, OH, US
    Folding Rig: Currently an XP1700+ at stock speed
    Misc Info: I'm finishing my Bachelor's degree in IS now and I'm about to embark upon getting my MBA this summer. June '04 I'll be on the job scene and ready to make some serious money. For now I'll have to be satisfied with only 3 PCs. My interests include folding, women (one at a time), and automobiles.
  • SimGuySimGuy Ottawa, Canada
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: SimGuy

    Age: 19

    Location: Newcastle, Ontario, Canada (75 KM east of Toronto)

    Occupation: Hydro One Networks Inc - Field Business Centre Clerical Summer Student. Most of the time, you can find me working in either the payroll department or the accounts receivable department.

    Interests: Computer hardware, software, networking, FTL (faster than light) computing, robotics, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, automobiles & women (not necessarily in this order).

    Bit About Me: I attended St. Stephen's Catholic High School in Bowmanville, Ontario, completing grades 9-OAC (Ontario's high school system has 5 levels) with distinct honours. Last year, I was enrolled in a Bachelor of Computer Science: Management & Business Systems undergraduate degree program at Carleton University in our nation's capital, Ottawa. However, after realizing that Computer Science is not all it's cracked up to, I switched to a brand new program: the Bachelor's of Information Technology: Network Technologies program, a 4-year in-depth joint learning venture between Carleton University & Algonquin College(http://bitdegree.ca).

    On the side, I enjoy the tech life. Keeping up-to-date with the latest information and having a mildly up-to-date computer system are important items to me, to which I will go to almost any extent to posess. I am currently in the process of assembling a test LAN here @ home for the purpose of self-teaching myself the NT 4, Win2K & Win2K3 MCSE programs (thanks Shorty).

    Don't forget all the other things that most 19 year olds do: party, hang out & watch movies :)
  • edited Jun 2003
    Hey, my name is Rick. A lot of people will know me as l0C0 from phlux.co.uk (RIP) :(. I'm located in Manchester, UK. I'm studying my A levels at college.

    I enjoy playing with/breaking computers (I seem to be good at that), I also like listening to and playing music. I play piano, tuba and a few other instruments. I listen to a lot of music, ranging from Mendelssohn to Dimmu Borgir. I'm really into prog rock and black metal at the moment.

    Just in case anyone is interested in my pc specs, here they are. Please note that these will change slightly in the near future:
    MSI nForce K7N 420Pro Motherboard
    On board sound
    On board graphics
    Athlon XP 1600+
    256mb DDR RAM

  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
    edited Jun 2003
    You must know Spinner then as both of you live in Manchester, UK.
  • danball1976danball1976 Wichita Falls, TX
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: danball1976 - or for real Charles Daniel Ball

    Age: 26 yrs old

    Location: Barksdale AFB, LA

    Occupation: Military - Comm/Nav/Mission Systems Apprentice working on the B-52H bomber

    Interests: Lets see - Computers - Hardware/Software, Women (naturally), as well as some other stuff

    Misc Info: Born in Mesa, AZ on Sept. 21, 1976, lived in Chandler, AZ from 1976 - 1981, when we moved to Amarillo, TX and lived there from 1981 - Jan 1986, we then moved back to Mesa, AZ in Jan 1986 - Nov 1992, and then moved back to Amarillo, TX in Nov 1992. Graduated from High School in May 1995 with an 83% average, and being in the bottom half of the class no less!! Have 108 credit hours of college (No Associate degree - didn't know anything about it). The first computer I owned was a IBM XT w/640K RAM and 20MB hard drive in 1998 - bought from college auction. THen in April 1999 I built my first computer, had a Cyrix MII PR300, 233MHz, 32MB PC66 SDRAM, and a 3GB hard drive, 24x CD-ROM and floppy drive on a Soyo 5EMA+ SS7 board. Went into the Air Force in Jan 29, 2002. Graduated basic April 1, 2002 (March 29 to be exact). Was at tech school at Lackland from April 1 - June 30 for Electronic Principles, 6 weeks of that just waiting for class to start. Then went to Shepperd AFB in July 1 to Nov 15 for Bomb Nav/Comm Nav tech school, was on RAP for two weeks, and arrived at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA in December.
  • GargoyleGargoyle Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Illinois Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    edit: I'm gonna replace mine sometime when I'm more awake. :)
  • edited Jun 2003
    Name: Jim Gautreaux

    Location: Near New Iberia, LA

    Age: 47, yes I'm another old fart.;)

    Occupation: Drilling Fluids Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry

    Interests: computers, folding, camping, shooting and reloading

    Misc info: I graduated from New Iberia Senior High School in 1974(damn, almost 30 years ago already!:eek: ), went to college at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA. I started as a drilling fluids engineer(commonly called mud, because the majority of it has a muddy color) in 1979 and have been doing it since, with the exception of part of 1986 and part of 1987, when the drilling industry got real slow. During that time, I went to the Teche Area Technical College and took up Industrial Electricity and finished that 2 year course in 1 year with honors. By then, the drilling industry had picked back up so I went back to it because the money was much better.:D

    I first got to messing with computers back in the early 80's, first with a TI 99/4a and then went in half with my older brother on a "cutting edge" Zenith Z80 that had 128k ram and 2 5 1/4 floppy drives and a color monitor.:p After getting away from computers for a few years, I then went with an Amiga 500 in 1989, which was an amazing system and OS for it's day; it's too bad that it was owned and backed by Commodore.:mad: I got my first x86 machine in 1994 and started learning about the workings of them since then.

    I first got into folding with another forum team in 2001, but came over here to Icrontic (and now SM) in mid 2002 because I thought that the ICX concept was really cool and that Team Icrontic didn't believe in having sub-teams.

    I've been married 16 years, and have a daughter that just turned 11 last month.:D
  • oddharmonicoddharmonic Dallas, TX
    edited Jun 2003
    <b>Name:</b> Melissa Gutierrez Crawford
    <b>Age:</b> 24
    <b>Location:</b> Dallas, TX
    <b>Folding since:</b> February 2003.
    <b>Occupation:</b> stay-at-home mother and freelance art geek
    <b>Interests:</b> artsy crap (illustration and painting, mostly), backyard artillery, cartography, climbing, document and photograph restoration, needlework, sewing
    <b>Other:</b> When I first posted my introduction in June 2003, I was living in North Carolina with the geek-in-training and her dad. We've since split fairly amicably and the little geek and I live in Dallas. I'm not looking, but if you're in the area and want to meet for coffee, I'm usually free.

    My first computer was a TRS-80 Model 102. I still have it, though it won't run from battery power until I clean the terminals again. I've had the same Dell box (500MHz P3, 256 MB RAM) since 2001, though I am finally joining the 21st century and building a new box later this year. My old box will go to the little geek so she can play her games without having to use my computer.

    If you want to see photos, check out the photos section of my website, <a href="http://www.oddharmonic.org/">oddharmonic.org</a>; if you just want to see my brilliant wit (ha) and occasional random photo or recipe, check out my <a href="http://oddharmonic.livejournal.com/">LiveJournal</a>.
  • kroffkroff Portoroz, Slovenia
    edited Jun 2003
    name: David Nemec
    location: Portoroz,Slovenia
    interests: collecting high quality anime releases (over 400gb ..for now) ..and watching them.
    occupation: in lots of places (will work for bandwidth)
    other: I'm 27yo, student of maritime engineering ...what else? hmmm... i got my first computer in 1983 or something ..a sinclair zx spectrum 48k, then in 1986 i got the greatest computer ..the commodore Amiga 1000 ...and i got almost all amigas after that ..exept for a3000t and a4000t. i used amigas until 1999(or 2000) ..when i bought my first x86 board abit kt7-raid and the amd tb700. at that time i installed win98 ..and hate it. tried win2k and hate it, then came the winME...and i reformated the hd after the installation and put 2k back, then came the winxp ..i started to hate them too. now i use windows 2003 server ..and for now is ok. :-)
  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Name: Daniel Pass

    Location: Cambridge in the UK

    Age: 28 but look 19 ;)

    Occupation: Sys-Admin/Webmaster/Technical Support for a small R&D company.. oh and Im 1/3 owner of this place :D

    Interests: Trinity, Computers, Folding, PHP/MySQL, Flash, Photoshop, Gaming, writing and playing music.... anything creative basically

    Misc info: I was born and bred in Torquay in the south of the UK (home of Fawlty Towers for those who watch classic old UK shows). Used to work for an importer, but got bored and started on the shop floor at Nortel. Moved to technician, then engineer. Quit it in the dotcom crash and moved to Cambridge to do IT fulltime (yes, I really did choose to do that :rolleyes: )

    Engaged to Trinity :D Who is the quintessential techie geek girl. Nuff said.

    What else is there to know? Im 5ft 2in tall (hence the nick 'Shorty'), got a few piercings and get mistaken regularly for being at least 7/8 years younger than I am. A whole Peter Pan thing going on without the tights ;)

    I think I've covered the core basics. I co-own this site with primesuspect and MediaMan (two of the coolest, hardest workin guys I know). I lucked out working for Icrontic, I lucked out having two friends who wanted to build something new against the odds and I lucked with the support from everyone who has joined :)

    Sometimes, I feel real lucky.
  • NoFutureNoFuture In a 3D world...
    edited Jul 2003
    Name:Antoine Mercier

    Location: St-Bruno, on the south shore of Montreal, Québec, Canada.

    Age: 16

    Occupation: I'm a student but I also work part-time in a Computer franchise called Microbytes

    Interests: Computers, Folding, Modding stuff, Biking, Badminton, Airplanes, girls, and the list goes on...

    I started folding about a year ago a couple of months after joining Icrontic. Since then I have tried to recruit a lot of people but almost everybody around me are noobs :aol: :banghead:

    In a month, I'll be going full time in the canadian army to study electrical engeneering at Kingston.
  • TheSmJTheSmJ Farmington Hills (Metro Detroit)
    edited Jul 2003
    Name: David Skimin

    Location: Farmington Hills, MI. That’s about 3 (?) miles northwest of Detroit.

    Age: 18

    Occupation: Currently I'm butchering at a local grocery store company (one store in Farmington Hills, another in Royal Oak). Within the month I hope to get the hell out of there and (at the very least) get a job at CompUSA's computer repair center (part time).
    Otherwise I'll be going to OCC (Oakland Community College, and they (OCC) tell me I should go to U. of Michigan Dearborn. As for my exact major, I know it will be in the area of computer science, but where exactly I'm unsure at the moment. I plan on using OCC to help figure this out before I blow wads of cash on classes I may never need...

    Interests: Computers, movies, girls, friends, girls, food/cooking, and girls.

    I started folding... well I'll have to double check that... I'll edit this later. Currently I have 4 computers folding under my name (for our team) One of them being in my sig below, one is a 1600+ Oced to 1.5 GHz, on a k7S5A (hence the lack of OC) the other is a 600 MHz Celeron (HP) Ford has been giving away to it's employees. The last is a 550 Cyrix box I had used in my bedroom, but now mostly spends its days folding away.

    If I think of anything else (which I'm sure I will) I'll edit this.
  • edited Jul 2003
    Name - Cameron Geeting
    Age - 14, soon 15
    Location - Undisclosed
    Occupation - High school freshman
    Interests - Computers, Video Games, Star Wars, The Matrix, several webcomics.
  • KwitkoKwitko Sheriff of Banning (Retired) By the thing near the stuff Icrontian
    edited Jul 2003
    Seth Kwitko is my name. I'm the resident code borker, rude Noo Yawka, and proud host of Icrontic4 (a/k/a Trish). I just started my first full-time job in over 2 years as a one-man IT department for a manufacturing company in New York City.

    I started folding back in the Icrontic days, early enough where I was actually in the top 50 folders. I started folding because I never really had the money to donate to charities. My grandmother had Alzheimer's Disease, and several friends and family members have died from cancers of various types. While they can't benefit from our efforts, our and future generations will.

    It's an honor to be a part of Team 93, regardless of its name. This team is a tight group, dedicated to a cause greater than just a position in the standings.
  • a2jfreaka2jfreak Houston, TX
    edited Jul 2003
    My name is Adam and I'm at the apex of life at 24 years of age.

    I don't fold for S/M. I probably have no WUs credited towards team 93. I did fold for team 93 for a month or more, but shortly (hours) after I started my machines folding for team 93 the news of Bart Williams' passing hit Icrontic and I followed many in folding under Bart's username for a while. After that I joined a group of friends that had started a team; so I don't believe "a2jfreak" has any WUs registered for team 93.

    I am a Christian and have found salvation through my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

    Unfortunately I have not finished my BS yet, but I hope to soon re-establish my role as a student and get my CS degree. I am hoping to attend <a href="http://www.tamu.edu">Texas A&M University</a> but I may have to attend elsewhere. I am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and have been in the National Dean's list, so I have every confidence that once I am able to return to school I will do just fine.

    I am very interested in politics and am both socially and fiscally conservative.

    I have been in my adopted home--Texas--for a substantial portion of my life (22 years), but this has left me without a close relationship with my father's side of my family, however I do visit them as often as I can and very much enjoy my time with them.

    My interests are primarily electronics (computers mainly) and automobiles (particularly trucks) but I also enjoy music and video.

    I have two vehicles: 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Regular Cab Sport with the 5.9L V8 Magnum and a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the 5.7L Hemi Magnum and LoneStar Package. Both trucks are flame red.

    I have two pets: Polly, and Ronald Wilson Reagan (born on President Reagan's birthday, hence the name). Both are toy poodles, with Ronald being a rare Parti poodle. I am a dog person, though I have had a couple of cats: Maxwell (named after Venon Maxwell the basketball player) and Tigger.

    I am not involved with anyone at the moment, but having lived around only women for the vast majority of my life, not having a girlfriend is more like a welcomed respite from estrogen than an unwelcomed frustration.

    I am a lover of words and enjoy learning new words whenever I can. I've always had a rather broad vocabulary, as was noticed by my teachers at an early age, and in sixth grade I was accused of not doing my own work because of my "big" words. However, I do wish my vocabulary was much larger and well practiced as I still find myself going to the dictionary for words more often than I feel I should, and I find that often I am left with a word on the tip of my tongue but have to find a more common word. This is very frustrating, but part of learning a new word is using it, and the old adage "if you don't use it, you lose it" holds true.

    I try to follow logic in all my doings, which is one reason I believe I am conservative--I feel conservatives, in general, use logic moreso than liberals, and in so doing, the conclusions conservatives reach are normally the conclusions I also have.

    // Edit: The first full paragraph was correct at the time of my initial writing, but I have since started folding for Team 93. :fold:
  • emptyempty houston
    edited Jul 2003
    Name Ryan Bray
    Age 16
    Location Houston Texas
    Occupation Working at a grocery store =/
    Interests playing games and hanging out with friends
  • edited Jul 2003
    Name: Ryan

    Age: 19 yrs old

    Location: Cincinnati, OH

    Occupation: student

    Interests: The ladies :D, computers, and probably my 2nd biggest interest besides girlies.... CARS!!!

    Misc Info: I've been folding for about 10 months or so and have been on icrontic for a few years and now support short-media. I'll be a Sophomore at Miami University in Oxford Ohio this year where I major in Computer Science.
  • LeonardoLeonardo Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
    edited Aug 2003
    Lyndon "Lynn" Harder
    Family Man
    US Army technical officer (Chief Warrant Officer) --
    'security' is all I'll say.

    I've two children: My eighteen year old girl is a first year cadet at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. My son - some of you may remember him as "Xandermann" at the former Icrontic, is 14 and will be attending Aquinas High School (Catholic) here in Augusta, starting in a couple days.

    My wife is a wonderful woman whom I thank God for daily. She is an immigrant from Germany. She understands the US and our constitution better than most Americans. She has been a fantastic mother to my children.

    I've lived in California, Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, England, and Germany. My favorite place, with no competition, is Alaska; second is the high desert of Arizona.

    My politics and morals are conversative; I am a Presbyterian. I am a dedicated investor and live below my means, with only occasional, temporary debt.

    Hobbies/interests: computers, fishing, singing (tenor, classical), and firearms. (My son and I load our own ammo and love slaying paper targets.)

    I am highly honored to have been the one to have called for a Folding team, to have had the resounding success of so many wonderful individuals like you joining and perservering! Few things make me emotional - this does. You guys are the greatest.

    I am also a supermoderator her, and specifically the moderator of the Deal Depot & Trading Post. (Do you know how little I actually spent on the computers in my signature? Private deals is the way to go!)

    Your Friend,

  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian
    edited Aug 2003
    Name : <b> Quinton Healy </b>
    Occupation: <b> Data Support Specialist (IT) </b>
    Company: <b> Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory </b>
    Age: <b>29 </b>
    Location: <b> Yorkville, IL </b>
    Education: <b> Bachelors Degree in Comp Sci from Aurora University, Minor in History </b>

    Interests: Well.... Computers, Sci-Fi movies, Action Movies, Fantasy Books (Brooks, Goodkind, Tolkien...). I play a few PC games but haven't spent the time to really get into PC Gaming.

    I have a wonderful wife of 5 years, talented 11 year old step-daughter, a Bullmastiff, and 2 cats. Own my second home, have 2 cars (Nisan Altima and Mazda MPV)... That's about it...

    Oh yeah, I was a member of the Icrontic site from 2001 and starting Folding this past January. I am now in the top 50 for our new team and I love it (the team & Folding).

  • alfalf indianapolis, indiana
    edited Aug 2003
    name: John "alf" W.
    age: 16
    occupation: student
    location: indianapolis, indiana

    Today is my first day of folding, my friend al_capown told me to do it and since im helping ppl why not?

    I am a sophomore in high school and i play cs a lot.

    I also like to golf
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
    edited Aug 2003
    Name : Benjamin Edward 'NightShade737' James Hodgetts
    Occupation: General Admin Data Entry (and beta testing) at Midlands HQ
    Company: Ganet (Newsquest/Berrows/Letterbox Marketing)
    Age: 17
    Location: Worcester, West Midlands
    Education: AVCE ICT + Now beginning a Masters Degree in IT with Interactive Digital Media associated field.

    Interests: Computers, Amigas, Sci-Fi and Annoying people (apparently). Don't like books at all to be honest, I prefer to be even mildly active when partaking in recreational activies (I couldn't find a more simple wording for that sentence :buck: ).

    Single, for the entire forseeable future :ninja: .

    Joined Icrontic at the start of 2001 and started folding for the team when it was first formed. Stopped for an extended period due to the pathetic size of my room and lack of all round cooling for any and all of my systems, but rejoined the squad now as I have some spair machines that could aid in our little conquest.

  • BuddyJBuddyJ Dept. of Propaganda OKC Icrontian
    edited Aug 2003
    I'm Buddy Jesus, but everyone calls me BuddyJ, or Pete if they know me. I live at home now in a small town called Yukon (home of Garth Brooks) with my parents. Gargoyle and I used to share a dorm and then later, an appartment, back in our college days. We had grand times.

    I graduated from University of Oklahoma with a journalism degree. Now I work at the rich people's weekly paper.

    I like cars. Most people have no idea what the cars are that I like, so I won't list them, but it's safe to say they're at least 20 years old and we probably never got them in America. I drive an '85 Toyota Supra and a Mercedes 380SL of the same vintage. I'm also restoring a classic Saab Sonnet with one of my buddies and frequently trying to get other people to buy cars I can't have.

    Gargoyle made me into a nerd. I used to be a decent person. Gargoyle made me play CS and DoD and Desert Combat. He and I built a computer one day and never stopped. I've stopped overclocking (too expensive) and now host SM_24. It's my baby. I still rock a KT266a on my Shuttle AK31 because rounded corners are awesome.

    Some people think my screenname is a joke. Some people think it is blasphemy. I think it is fun. And for those that wonder, yes, I'm a Christian. God must have a sense of humor.

    I hope this tells a bit about me. I'm just a guy struggling through life. I'm one person in a world of billions. But if you like what you've read, then I'm glad. Thanks for reading.

    -Buddy J

    I edited this. I'll probably do it again. Like I just did.
  • a2jfreaka2jfreak Houston, TX
    edited Aug 2003
    Glad to have another brother in Christ here, BJ. I did think it was blasphemous (before you said something) . . . glad to know it's not.
    Buddy Jesus said
    I'm a Christian. I believe in Jesus. I go to a Baptist church, but I drink rather frequently. Some people think my screenname is a joke, some people think it is blasphemy. I think it is fun. I never said I was the real Jesus, but I like the image that goes with the name. I think God has a sense of humor. He invinted the platypus, peni (the plural of penis), and sea cows. If you can look at any of those and not wonder why they are so rediculous, then I'm at a loss for words.

    < hippy mode >
    Right on!
    < /hippy mode >
    I'm proud of it. I'm conservative. I'm straight. I voted for Bush. I believe abortion is wrong, marijuana should be illegal and that the system is usually abused. I think that hemp should be legalized as a crop, that some forms of social programs are a good thing
  • OuttherOutther Alabamee where family trees dont fork
    edited Aug 2003

    I am Chris Kleefisch Living in Alabama USA- raised in California
    I have been in the US ARMY for 11 years serving as a Doctor. Now seeking employment :( due to injuries

    I started building computers back in the day of the 8088 so I have seen much change to keep up with. My first comp was a Timex Sinclaire. My first Computer Game was Stallag 13 back in 1984. I have professionally been modding computers since May 2002.

    I am a 1971 model modder :mullet:

    Married and have one 9 year old son. I opted out of the 3.1 child scenario.

    I am a jack of all trades master of none type. I dont know all about comps and dont pretend too either. I know a good bit about alot of subjects but I am only a professional at a few. I hang out on forums to teach and learn alike from a broad spectum of thinkers.

    If you have a problem I will usually be the first one there to help.

    I gotta Thank Keto for pointing me to S-M :thumbup
  • ArmoArmo Mr. Nice Guy Is Dead,Only Aqua Remains
    edited Sep 2003
    Name Jordan Miller
    Occupation student and resident h4xz0|2 ;)
    Age 19
    location the hurricane tattered state of virginia

    specialities spelling every thing rong, being strange ( get to know me ) comptors, futurama, The Misfits, NOFX, love networking and everything associated with it.

    old skool icrontic convert, every 1 knows teh armo, i just started F@H back up :) fold for the 93 baby
  • leishi85leishi85 Grand Rapids, MI Icrontian
    edited Sep 2003
    Name: Lei Shi
    Occupation: Student
    Age: 18
    Location: Kentwood, MI
    Interest: Computers, Cars, Women, MOney
    Background: China born Chinese, moved to US while i was young.

    Others: ahh, too lazy to type it up.
    edited Sep 2003
    Who am I?

    Brenda~ aka BDR aka LP (elsewhere)

    Age~ 47
    Location~ Illinois
    Occupation~ retail receiving manager
    Interests~ computers, computers, computers

    I've been using computers for about 6 years.
    I started building my own this year.
    I've now built 7 towers.
    I have some of them overclocked.

    I also like to dabble in computer graphics, some flash, and watch home decorating shows.

    I have a couple horses that are "pasture pets".
    I have a couple parrots that I've had for over 12 years.
    I also have a male cockatiel that's over 13.
    I do some flower gardening when I have time, which anymore is almost never.

    I have a grown son, and grandkids.

    I'm your resident female folder. :)
  • sgstairsgstair Redmond, WA Icrontian
    edited Oct 2003
    I'm back :)
    I started folding sometime last year and kinda dropped out for a while, but am continuing now.

    My name is Stephen Stair, I'm 19 and a junior in Computer Engineering. I'm a crazy sort and usually wind up learning things before my classes cover them. I'm now working on some game development projects (commercially) while I'm going to college, it helps when buying things like new computers :)

    I'm also a Christian, have been for a long time. Very much like Buddy Jesus in his earlier post ;) just I've always been a nerd.
    Many people consider me strange because I have a very different way of thinking about things than pretty much everyone. I'm very good with math and computer algorithms, so that's what I mess with in my spare time. Some people simply can't comprehend how much fun this stuff is to me :P

    Well I've got work to get back to, I'll watch the board and post when is least expected...
    Happy folding everyone :)

  • LeonardoLeonardo Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
    edited Oct 2003
    I'm back

    Back where you belong, my friend! Sgstair, thanks for returning!
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