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New hard drive doesn't show up in My Computer!

TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
edited Apr 2011 in PC Building
I just got a new 250 GB Seagate Barracuda IDE hard drive (Ultra DMA) from tigerdirect, but I am having problems with it.

I hooked it up in my main computer, and it shows up in the BIOS and even Device Manager. But when I click on My Computer, it doesn't show it. Device Manager also shows all my hard drives as SCSI devices even though they are plain IDE drives.

I tried it in another computer, also running Windows XP Home, and it did the same thing.

I tried it in yet another computer, also on XP Home, and it happened again:banghead:

My Computer shows only the original hard drive (or drives, depending on the particular computer in question), and the only way to see the 250 GB unit is to go into Device Manager.

My main system runs on XP SP1, and the other 2 have SP2 installed. This new 250 GB unit is to be the second drive in my main system, and the primary 80 GB unit will be fully formatted and reloaded with XP SP2.

So I'm thinking something is wrong with the hard drive. It arrived as the hard drive ONLY, no driver CD or anything. Maybe I need to download a setup driver from Seagate before installing it or something?

If it matters, my main computer has an Abit NF-7 Version 2.0 motherboard, so if a driver is needed, it'd have to be for that motherboard.


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