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Anyone know DAT72 tape drives?

mtroxmtrox Minnesota
edited Apr 2007 in Hardware
I see this one around the 'net quite a bit but mine has a twist. A lot of people get the "Event ID:7 The device, \Device\Tape0, has a bad block." error in Event Viewer. But mine shows up because the tape won't eject. It's a Seagate DAT72-052 SCSI. Last time it did this, only way to get the tape out was to take the server down and unplug it for about 10 seconds. Just taking it down and leaving it plugged in didn't do it. Then I came back up and the tape popped out. I uninstalled the drive and reinstalled with the latest Veritas driver just for good measure. It ran fine........for 2 short weeks.

This drive has been a headache for months. It's brand new as of a couple months ago. There are really no logs in Veritas to tell me much...the job just sits there "loading the media" for days before I finally just cancel it.

After two drives, it I doubt its a bad drive. I 'spose I'll go in there and call Dell again but anyone else have an idea?


  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK Icrontian
    edited Apr 2007
    I used to see this on DAT years ago. I initially put it down to a backupexec issue. Later it turned out to be where we physically storing the media. Once we moved it out of the CFOs office desk drawer and into a fire safe, the problem went away for me.

    Mine was related to the medias sensitivity to ambient heat (old offices didn't have any air conditioning!).

    That's all I know in my experience.
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