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Problem with today's update?

mtroxmtrox Minnesota
edited May 2007 in Science & Tech
I've rebooted three times now....first two I couldn't even bring up task manager. Third time I brought it up right away and watched as srvchost pegged at 100% CPU as soon as wuaulct started winding up. I waited a couple minutes. Finally killed srvchost process for wuaulct and things are quiet.

Maybe its something with mine, maybe there's a problem with the new updates released yesterday.


  • jhenryjhenry California's Wine Country
    edited May 2007
    Microsoft Update doesn't even work, it just locks up as soon as I click custom. Oh yeah, fresh install of XP + SP2!

    They can't do anything right.
  • mtroxmtrox Minnesota
    edited May 2007
    jhenry wrote:
    Microsoft Update doesn't even work, it just locks up as soon as I click custom.

    Ditto, exactly. I went to the site and hit custom....same....100% on srvchost and everything elese just stops. I finally rebooted, let it go up to 100% and got on my Vista box for about an hour. When I came back there were downloaded updates waiting for me. After a reboot things are normal again....so far.
  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian
    edited May 2007
    I heard reports of several problems with this months patches. We've had 1 of 6 PC's having problems. WARNING.... You might want to wait for a couple of days to patch this month.
  • CycloniteCyclonite Tampa, Florida Icrontian
    edited May 2007
    We got hit this morning. I have WSUS pushing out critical and security updates automatically for Windows and Office. We have about 250 systems, and I got reports from at least 15 people who had similar issues. The same thing happened last month, but to only about 3 people.

    This did not make for an exciting morning.
  • edited May 2007
    Maybe that's what happened to me last night... I was playing realMyst and I noticed the video in some cutscenes got horribly choppy. I exited from the game and saw my CPU was at 100%. I restarted the computer, and it went up to 100% again for about 15 minutes or so before it returned to its normal range.

    But that brings up the question, is this an install-and-go update, or does it requre a restart, because if it requires a restart then it couldn't be what caused the game to slow down.
  • mtroxmtrox Minnesota
    edited May 2007
    Tansunn wrote:
    But that brings up the question, is this an install-and-go update, or does it requre a restart,

    Mine wanted a restart.

    Now that it's all patched up, my shared folders stop sharing for no reason at all. When I right click (XP Pro, simple sharing turned off) there is no option in the context menu for "Sharing and Security..."
  • GargoyleGargoyle Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares New York City?! Icrontian
    edited May 2007
    Thanks for the warning. The last thing I need is an SMS push borking my computer. I'll grab some updates later when it looks safe :thumbsup:
  • mtroxmtrox Minnesota
    edited May 2007
    OK, I got it now. Happened to my ThinkPad, and another client who had.....a ThinkPad. So I did some digging. Check the WSUS Product Team Blog here.

    Here's part of the story there posted April 28:
    In addition to the next week’s WSUS 3.0 release, we are making the new client portion available via the following plan to our customers who continue to experience performance issues like UI hang and long scan times.
    <O:p</O:pThe new WUA client addresses these issues with deep architectural performance optimizations. Combining the installation of the new client, with the latest MSI fix available in KB927891 available on Microsoft Download Center, will completely address the what we have fondly called the svchost/msi issue.
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