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CDRW not getting picked up?

karatekidkaratekid Ogdensburg, NY
edited Jun 2003 in Hardware
Have you tried moving the 10GB HD to primary IDE? As for putting the optical drives on the same channel, do you use the two at the same time alot? If not then you can do that with no problem.

Oh one more thing, does the CD-RW show up in the BIOS?


  • TexTex Dallas/Ft. Worth
    edited Jun 2003
    Put the dvd and cdrom on the same cable and the 10gb drive alone and you will be fine I bet. The devices are I bet differant udma modes and they are jacking with each other.

  • RobRob Detroit, MI
    edited Jun 2003
    I found _sometime_ XP gets picky about cable position and drive selection. I once saw a machine take 2 minutes to boot looking for a cdrom. Moving the cable to the master position to match the drive setting corrected it. Strangest damn thing Ive seen, but is your master drive on the master cable plug? Everthing checked fine in the BIOS, but when it booted it would stall looking for its drives.

    Also, unless your reading and burning disks at once, I would probably couple them on one channel.
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