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XP shared files read-only

TiberiusLazarusTiberiusLazarus DewmanderMisery Icrontian
edited Feb 2008 in Technology
I've got a problem on XP. I have some folders on a separate partition from my windows partition that I have shared on our local network here in the dorms. Before I shared the folders I could add and delete anything in them. Now the folders are locked as read-only and I can't do anything with them. Removing the sharing still gives the same problem.

Attempting to remove the read-only from the properties doesn't work as when the operation finishes they return to read-only. Tried a command in the command prompt that I thought might work: " attrib D:\ /S /D -R ", but access denied is returned on all the files. I am trying this from the account which shared the files, which is also an admin account.

Any ideas :confused:??


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