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PC wont start .

edited Dec 2008 in Hardware
Ok so heres what happened.
Lately , ive been hearing loud fan noises from my tower. Turned out to be the video card fan , So i took the the video card out , cleaned it and put it back in . Im pretty sure i didnt mess up or anything. When i plugged in everything and turned the pc on , the main fan (the one that sucks air out) was spinning like crazy and really loudly. The monitor shows " no vga input " .. stays like this for about 3 secs , then pc turns off for 5 secs .. turns on again automatically .. black screen +really loud noise ..stays like this forever.I dont think i busted out my video card as the fan works when the power is on.
Also ,I tried connecting the monitor to the default slot ( the on in the motherboard) and same thing happened .
Whats going on ? .. What can i do ?
Please help me , thanks in advance :).

Edit : Ok so i took the video card out , connected monitor to default slot and it worked , i then reinstalled the video card and now everyths right again. :) . the video card fan still makes some noises :( .. anything to do ?


  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
    edited Dec 2008
    That can happen sometimes when a video card is removed, even if you don't do anything wrong.

    Shut off the computer power, pull the power supply cable out of the back, and remove the video card again. With a clean cotton cloth, clean the contacts (the metallic, shiny strip along the edge of the card). It could be that the card is not making proper electrical contact with the motherboard.

    Reinsert card, reattach cables, and power on.
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