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Please Help!

edited Jul 2009 in Science & Tech
All right here's my problem:

My computer is starting up, past the splash screen, to the point where the video driver is initialised to start the GUI. The mouse pointer comes up, but the background is black. the Hard drive shortly after stops all activity. I know the kernel is still running as the mouse moves and the keyboard lights change if you toggle them, and if you insert a CD, the mouse pointer changes to a CD briefly. Exactly the same in safe mode too except it says safe mode in the corners as you'd expect.

Here's the story:

It all started when my lil sis borrow the laptop. She watch some movies on the net(probably on watchmovies.net) then the laptop suddenly restarted. Afterwards, my virus scanner called "Virgin Media PC GUard" starting to act weird it says, the program cannot be started, uninstall the program then restart then install it again. So, obviously I followed the instruction given, I've uninstalled it, restarted it then installed it again, After the installation, I've started it up then it told me the same thing again. So, I've uninstalled the whole program then restarted it then my worst nightmare(i mean the problem) occured..

Here's another info:

XmlHelper::Init(): CoCreateInstance(CLSID_DOMDocument60) failed.

The program was not able to load [CLSID_DOMDocument60] correctly. Please restart the computer. If the problem persist, uninstall and re-install the program. Error = Class not registered [-2147221164]

Anyone know how to solve this problem T_T

Here's another problem(this is for my other computer):

My google and any other search engine won't let me search anymore!!

I used google/yahoo, ask.com etc,. today and it keeps showing me a blank page!
It all started when I installed this program "AVG Antivirus 8.5"

Another thing, I'm having this random music/radio thingy played on my other laptop(it's the same one as above) eventhough i don't use any media player, is this a virus or something?

If so, can AVG 8.5 Antivirus remove this virus?
Can anyone help me with this?:(


  • Player2Player2 Wisconsin
    edited Jul 2009
    so you cant get into windows at all (safemode or otherwise)? if you can, poke around BIOS a bit, but you will probably have to completely reinstall windows or re-partition your HD, do you have any backups? im guessing your sister downloaded/installed something she shouldn't have

    searching engines: uninstall AVG and see if it fixes it, I assume other webpages are working? blank is a bit vague, it returns a page load error as if you didnt have an internet connection?

    as for the music, bring up task manager and order the processes based on memory usage and sort through it (or post a SS here), probably some shareware media player installed itself
  • edited Jul 2009
    Here's the SS for the Task Manager

  • RichDRichD Essex, UK
    edited Jul 2009
    Hi Aezile,

    Welcome to icrontic. Firstly I would suggest that you use separate threads for different problems as it much easier to respond. In your post you mention Virgin Media AV and AVG? Have you got two AVs installed? If so this could be what has caused your problems. You should only ever have one AV and one firewall installed.

    I have never heard of a virus playing music. If you are worried about a virus visit here and run their free online scan.

    Incidentally AVG has largely fallen out of favour in the free AV world. Have a look at Avira.
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