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HDD troubles

HarudathHarudath Great Britain Icrontian
edited Dec 2009 in Hardware
Hey guys,

After a power failure or resetting the CMOS, my second hard drive isn't detected until I change the socket its plugged into the motherboard with. In the BIOS there's a gap where it should normally be as it lists the drives/available drive areas. Anyone know why this is and how I can stop it? I've got no problems with my main HDD.



  • lordbeanlordbean Ontario, Canada
    edited Dec 2009
    it's possible the drive just spins up slowly... look through the BIOS and see if you can find an option to add a delay to wait for hard drives (or something like that). Set it to 10 or 15 seconds if it's there, and see if the problem is corrected.
  • DraikeDraike South Africa
    edited Dec 2009
    To be safe? Do a disk integrity check. If it doesnt pick it up from the word go at the auto point where it picks up all the natural drives, then it wont register that drive during the rest of the bootup.

    Change the power source cable and the sata cable. Test it over and over, reboot after reboot and also test it on different sata ports.
    If you want, you could do these tests using a power trip simulator - use your wall plug as the trip point. (not recommended)
  • HarudathHarudath Great Britain Icrontian
    edited Dec 2009
    Sorry I haven't replied; installed Windows 7 and have been having irritating Wireless adapter problems. I used it with the beta 64 bit, and now it doesn't work with the full version. -sigh- anyway

    I couldn't see any options to delay the drive startup, and I'll go digging for spare cables. Thanks
  • DraikeDraike South Africa
    edited Dec 2009
    Good luck buddy.
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