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Error: Null Turnip Exception is at it again!

PacifistoPacifisto Turnip ExtraordinaireMichigan Icrontian
edited May 2010 in Team Fortress 2
Fellow Icrontians,

Error: Null Turnip Exception, best known for creating the most amazing door ever to grace TF2 (on his payload map Ignition), has created another whimsical map! Due to be finished within the next month or so, it features a single control point (it's a KOTH map) surrounded by eight, count 'em, eight sets of train tracks - four tracks each on two levels. Best suited to large numbers of people in good humor, it might not be your cup o' tea.

If there's interest in the map, I can put up a link when he finishes.

(Also, if you were wondering, Ignition's been more or less put on hold until this map is finished.)




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