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IC Raid Marking Reference List

SpencerForHireSpencerForHire Clawson, MI
edited Jan 2011 in Gaming
Skull = Primary Kill
X = Secondary Kill
Star = Rogue Sap
Circle = Paladin Repentence
Square = Hunter Trap
Diamond = Warlock Fear / Banish
Triangle = Druid Entangle / Hibernate
Moon = Mage Sheep
This is what I am use to roughly from previous raiding experience and what we have been using for the most part in our Heroic dungeons thus far. The goal is to use a uniform system for CC so there is no confusion during heroics/raiding.

Questions, comments, concerns, confusions, incorrect data? Have at it.

Please keep in mind marks can change depending on the specifics of a fight such as if priest mind control is required or other reasons. Specific instructions trump regular assignments.


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