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The Windows Hint Thread

Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own wayPunta Gorda, FL Icrontian
edited Sep 2011 in Science & Tech
Ctrl+C still (Windows 1 through 7-- proven by doing that) copies to Windows clipboard, CTRL+X still moves stuff into the Windows clipboard, and CTRL+V still copies out of the Windows clipboard to any software and to wherever your mouse cursor is within the software as start point or for text boxes only in some software that restricts what and where it lets the Windows Clipboard paste.

How and Why: Older software will often run in compatibility mode-- Microsoft does not list software that needs compatibility troubleshooting help (which handles common GUI problems but not program function stuff) and runs with it done only. If the Windows Compatibility List shows a version and a software name, that version and following versions should run without troubleshooting.

UAC privilege trick: User access control can actually help you become a full-fledged administrative user. Howo: Go into safe mode, when it shows up with help open talking about running the special under the hood programs look for lines that talk about running them and click those lines-- UAC will tell you you do not have privileges but if you click continue, they will open, and UAC will malke privilege notes in the registry. I became an ADMINISTRATOR this way accidentally.

That lets me see anything except the core of Windows-- look but don't touch/alter if you do not understand. Why: Single users with no admin user on a box are SPECIAL users in Vista and Win 7, with flexible privilege adjustment through UAC in WIN Vista and Win 7. What they can do in safe mode they can do in the full GUI too-- and those programs that safe mode help offers that run in Windows safe mode can then be searched in Win Vista and Win 7 normal mode and run from the searcher.

There are a couple hints to start things off.
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