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Team 93 achievement

primesuspectprimesuspect HumanGarbageDisposalDetroit, MI Icrontian
edited Nov 2011 in Folding@Home
I cannot believe this, but we've never had an achievement for Team 93 participation. We have the "Folding Expert" award and the "Million Point" award, but no badge for joining the team :(

Anyways, I've fixed that. I have been retroactively going through old folding threads and stats and awarding it to every member that I saw, but man... There have been hundreds.


Going through those old folding threads was a super nostalgic trip down memory lane :( So many names, so many people; where have they gone?

I hope that by handing out this achievement, it might bring a few old friends back around to say "Hey, I got a PM on Icrontic from ol' papa Prime. I wonder how they are all doing?"

If you would like the achievement, you can request it here


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