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Connection problem with Dell Netbook 1012

slabbed11slabbed11 Houston, TX
edited Nov 2011 in Technology
Hello all,

I am trying to help my sister fix her netbook, it is a Dell model 1012 and I can not get it connected to the internet (wifi or wired). The problem started about a week ago, here is a summary of what happens:

- I click on our network to connect
- I am prompted to insert the network password
- The icon in the notification area appears to be connected (the bars are all white, however the yellow exclamation mark is present)
- When I click on the icon, the box says currently connected to "unidentified network" and underneath it says (no internet access)
- The details say the IP address is, I have tried manually setting the IP address and gateway but I still get the same results
- Also I have tried this on multiple networks, same result
- I have uninstalled/installed all wireless drivers and installed all BIOS updates

Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong or how to diagnose this further? I want to do a fresh install of windows 7, however it being a netbook it doesnt have a cd rom drive and I don't want to mess with creating a bootable usb drive.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Punta Gorda, FL Icrontian
    edited Nov 2011
    Set it up to automatically detect settings in the internet options connections area and use a browser after trying to connect. Your sister's netbook should be set up with a wired connect when doing this. What happens then??? The IP you gave is a default IP when it is getting no IP at all or the manual IPs entered do not work.

    A couple things-- Did you install an antivirus or firewall on the net-book in the last week??? Is your Internet router password protected and keyed??? Do you know that if you install a generic Windows 7 you might lose all the drivers specific to the net-book that came pre-installed on it-- and then have to go get them all and reload them???
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