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[BLOG] DIY hardware store CNC Router, Part 6 motion and electronics parts

KometeKomete Member
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I ran into Scott on cnczone. He has made a vertical cnc lathe. I consider scott to be Icrontic's resident machinist. THe man has serious skills. Anyways, if you want to check it out here's the link. http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59630

On to parts

Besides my pillow bearing blocks, I think all of my parts have arrived. I think I went a little overboard with 30 feet of the shielded wire for my steppers. I may just have to try and use that for all my home switches and limit switches. Not sure how that'll work out on the limit switches since they have 3 connections. Only thing left to get are some 1/4watt 1k resisters. Not sure where the resisters go in the line with the steppers but Hopefully I can dig up an answer.

My only concern is with my $300.00 Gecko order. It basically is the nervous system of the whole machine. It controls the motors and oh so much more. I noticed one of the corners is bent and there are some light scratches on the back of the G540.I'm wondering if it may be a returned unit. I've only heard outstanding things about them and their customer service. If I run into any troubles I will see if their reputation holds true. I may send an email, just to let them know in case I run into any problems.

I hope to make big progress over the weekend. It won't be actual go time till next weekend (if I'm lucky). I'm going to try my hardest to stay offline to save all my energy and focus for the final leg of the build. So if you post and I don't reply Friday onwards please forgive me.

I know looking at the pictures may be Greek to some, but I do plan on going through every inch of the build and parts in a follow up post. There is just so much I'm learning every week. So far this has been a real challenge and as I near the end, the hill just seems to climb steeper. But I'm going to push forward. and the end is near. Well till the next build. :)


  • scottscott Medina, Ohio Member
    Hey Chris
    You should be able to pick up a 10 pak of the 1K resistors at Radio Shack for less than it would cost to ship them from digikey or jameco. They should only be a couple bucks. I have some if you can't find them locally. But I am pretty sure most online stores will hit you with a minimum or excessive shipping. If you can't find them in town , let me know.
    Your link above goes to page 3.

    Have you played with Mach3 yet ? You can download it and use it with full functionality limited to a few hundred lines of code.It might be a good idea to get a look at some of the set up screens you will need to configure.
    Have you written any G code ?
    You have a few more "Hills" to go my friend ! But it looks like your doing fine.

  • KometeKomete Member
    Hey scott, I fixed the link. I found out it is 1/4watt 2.8k resisters I need. Radioshack of course doesn't have them, so I picked up a 1/4watt 2.2k and 1/4 watt 470ohm to run in series until I order some from dk.( I'm told that'll work fine) The steppers won't be running on full power but it shouldn't be far off.

    It's supposed to rain where I'm at all weekend, so I can't go out and power up the cut off saw to cut some metal. I'm thinking of just building a proof of concept design useing all the aluminum squares I have laying around. I do have an aluminum gantry that I made a few weeks back. I'm determined to get something moving this weekend.

    I do have mach3. I got all giddy about it after I loaded it up, but no clue how to use it. I need to read the manual. I did manage to run some Gcode through it. looked cool..lol

    I'm really not impressed with my dupstercnc anti backlash system. It works but I really need a ball screw and nut assembly in the long run. It's a few months down the road, but I am designing a ballscrew nut that uses skate bearings and is spring loaded to turn around a custom rod.
  • scottscott Medina, Ohio Member
    I just saw the post at the zone and was gonna tell you about resistors in series. Glad to see you got it handled !
    I have this place nearby that sells surplus machine tool stuff.
    Check out these links


    The great thing about this place isif you take a bunch of stuff up to the counter and say I'll give you XXX dollars for it they usually say OK. generaly 50 cents on the dollar discounts from what they ask.

    Leadscrew backlash will give you just as much slop and trouble as bad ways.
    You can also use a split nut arrangement. It wears fast but is adjustable.

  • KometeKomete Member
    Those prices are fantastic. And I just searched online and I may have found a industrial surplus store one city over from me. I'm going to call on monday.

    It's a little too early to talk about, but I've been designing a preloaded balls screw assembly useing skate bearings. On one, it rides on the threads useing a skatebearing that has and outer v ring that's been turned for it. Kind of like the round part you made in your video except the outer edge would be in a V and would be pressed on the skate bearing. On another I'd have to get a rod turned.

    Scot, there is a big need for hobby cnc items and looking around, there are not many brand new options a hobbiest can take. There certainly or no sub 1000.00 options a hobiest cnc person can take. Correction, there are two that I know of. A small cnc machine called Fireball and one being sold on ebay from taiwan. Or they pay upwards of 700 for these MDF kits. I'm seriously considering doing a little weekend work and offering up some cnc options. There is a lot of money to be made there if someone can strike that balance of quality and price. I do know I need to find a way to supplement some income on all my crazy experiments...lol

    Jeez ,so many people are taking a whole year to build a cnc router out of MDF. Why would you do something like that? God forbid you leave the garage door open and morning dew settles on your machine.

  • KometeKomete Member
    Oh and this is the anti backlash system I'm useing. http://www.dumpstercnc.com/

    I've read somewhere that whereas a ball screw can transfer up to 90% of rotational force into forward movement, these can only do 40%. So yep, that'll be one of my first upgrades. :)
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