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WMP Error on SATA DVD Drive

AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Not as tall as Bobby Tallbeer. Twilight Sparkle is overrated.Meechigan Icrontian
edited Mar 2012 in Hardware
I rebuilt my Win7 install when I got my new hardware last month (except the video card, which is on its way), but ever since then, I've been unable to play DVDs in Windows Media Player/Center. It keeps coming up telling me that there's a DRM problem.

I updated to the official drivers on my monitor, which helped with a couple of DVDs, but I still get it here and there.

My suspicion is that the drive is on its way out (no big deal, I'll just replace it with a BluRay), but I'm going to wait until I've swapped in the new video card before trying that.

Just wondering if anyone has seen something similar (Win7x64 Ultimate).

Even tried a codec pack (Shark007) to no avail.


  • MrTRiotMrTRiot Living in the North Icrontian
    I've had weird errors like this with windows media center. I just use vlc player or divx
  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Punta Gorda, FL Icrontian
    edited Mar 2012
    Have you tried new video card drivers (for current video card) and also updated Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player and is Internet Explorer updated to all security packs and updates current?? I have heard/read of old IE being a mess witWMC/WMP (which are two different programs, BTW).

    In my case, after security updating media center and media player, had to update IE to IE 9.+ (security updates and an IE 9 service pack) to fix that kind of issue (media center links to IE .dlls some). Going to IE 10 was not needed, and indeed IE 10 final is recommended for Win 8 by MS AFAIK (not IE 7). IIRC, I also updated video drivers while trying to fix, and flat panel drivers, so those might also have something to do with it.

    If it happens only with DVDs never used in your computer before, then try turning on Media Center's optional (and defaulted to automatic when online) informational getting option-- part of that info relates to DRM also. And be online when sticking new DVDs into drive.

    A CD drive head cleaner can help some with dirty lense on DVD or DVD/Combo drives also, and dust can cause data misreads, including DRM info misreads. WMC matches what it finds on the web with what is on DVD as far as DRM info goes. If you let Windows Media Center autoupdate it CAN get new DRM tech info to know how to handle different kinds of new DRM as Microsoft adds to WMCs DRM info library.

    Too many ways possible to fix to know which ONE of these it will be, or if more than one is needed. Sorry, had to be a long post to cover some bases.

  • AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Not as tall as Bobby Tallbeer. Twilight Sparkle is overrated. Meechigan Icrontian
    Yup. Running latest Catalyst and all WIndows updates are current.

    It's very bizarre. Some stuff will play in WMP, others won't. Some stuff that won't play in WMP rips (my own) fine in DVDShrink, and vice-versa.

    I'm leaning toward a drive issue. Not going to tackle it until I swap in the new vid card, which eliminates that from the equation.
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