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My system's not running as well as I'd imagined.

Evelon277Evelon277 Canada
edited Mar 2012 in PC Building
My specs are:
Graphics card: HIS 6950HD 2GB
Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.30 GHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-990XA-UD3
Power supply: 650W that came with older system, not high-end at all.
Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit

I made this system specifically for gaming, as it runs things really well on high settings (BF3 ultra 30+ FPS constant) I see on reviews for graphics cards that aren't as good (HD6850 for example) that get the same performance as I do in games. I feel as if it should be performing better than a 6850 (even though it's a great card).
Does anyone know if this is normal, or know why it's happening? It'd be much appreciated if you'd give me a little insight, thanks. :)
My graphics card gets to 70C - 80C while under load.
Also, windows rating is 5.9, if that matters any. Lowest subscore is my hard drive which has a disk data transfer rate of 5.9, it says.


  • Also, sorry if this doesn't make sense or I left something out, it's 2 AM where I am, and I'm hella tired. :/ Good night, Icrontic!
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)> Icrontian
    Hard drives can be pretty bad bottlenecks. You might turn off paging for shiggles and see what happens. Also, try to keep it no more than half-full if you're relying on it for performance.
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Pokémaster, Watch Slut Austin, TX Icrontian
    What GPU driver?
  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
    What anti-virus software are you running?
  • I thought it might have been my hard drive.
    GPU driver is the latest AMD drivers, 12.2.
    Anti-virus is just Windows Firewall/Windows Defender.
  • shwaipshwaip bluffin' with my muffin Icrontian
    Hard drive seems unlikely, unless something else is running at the same time.

    When you're comparing performance to a review, you need to be aware of a lot of things:
    cpu speed, brand, number of cores, etc
    amount/speed of memory
    resolution (this has a huge impact)
    all video settings (in game and in catalyst control center)
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Pokémaster, Watch Slut Austin, TX Icrontian
    What kind of framerates are you seeing?
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)> Icrontian
    Oh yeah, also, what are you seeing that's indicative of lower performance. That is, what's it doin'?
  • 30 FPS on ultra BF3, 50 on high.
    Should I tweak my Catalyst settings?
    Midga, it says in the post that my framerates are equivalent to rigs with worse cards.
    This isn't really a huge problem, I still play my games fine, but if my system can do better, I'd like it to. (Without overclocking, it gets hot enough already)
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Pokémaster, Watch Slut Austin, TX Icrontian
    One of the things about BF3 that most people don't know is that its implementation of multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA), is absolutely awful. The game already contains an excellent (and much faster) anti-aliasing technology called FXAA, which does anti-aliasing after the scene has already been rendered. This is BF's post-processing AA option.

    Anyone that runs the game on ultra should disable deferred AA and set post-processing AA to high for a crapload of extra performance and no reduction in visual quality.

    Doing two AA passes is just dumb and I don't know why BF3 does it.
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