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The Story of BobbyDigi's Maul

BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats !SoCal Icrontian
edited Jul 2012 in Team Fortress 2
The Maul is a promotional Pyro Melee weapon added to TF2 in mid 2011. If you pre-ordered Red Faction: Armageddon you received a Genuine Maul. Not a lot of people did because it was a $50-60 game and The Maul is just a reskin of the Home Wrecker. The Genuine Maul is rare and expensive but I am not here to talk about Genuine Mauls.

The only other way to get your pyromaniac hands on this weapon is to craft a non-genuine Maul through the "Fabricate Class Weapons" crafting recipe. In this case "Fabricate Class Weapon" requires the following; a Pyro Class Token (3 Pyro weapons), a Melee Slot Token (3 melee weapons) and a Scrap Metal (2 weapons from the same class). So it costs eight total weapons to craft a Pyro Melee weapon. See that... not eight weapons to craft The Maul, eight weapons to craft a Pyro Melee weapon.

Axtinguisher, Home Wrecker, Back Scratcher, Power Jack, Postal Plumber, Third Degree and as of last month The Lollichop. These are all items that drop randomly into players backpack on a daily basis and they are all possible outcomes of your attempt at crafting The Maul. A one in eight chance to get what you want. Just a 12.5% chance, you win. 87.5% chance that you lose.

Picture the average TF2 player, that may get 3-5 weapons a week when playing, spending eight of those weapons in an attempt to get a maul and ending up with a Back Scratcher. An item they very well could have used as one of the ingredients in the craft. The rage that must flow. I felt a similar feeling at least six times before tonight. I walked away from my computer pissed off one night after getting an Axtinguisher, putting that back into the next Pyro token and again crafting an Axtinguisher.

Tonight was different. I decided to roll the dice with some weapons I collected over the last couple weeks. I crafted my tokens and my scrap and placed them onto the grid for my roll of the 8 sided "Fabricate Class Weapon" die and hit craft. It was ~11:30 at night when I let out a rather audible "YES!"


I will love her and hold her and destroy your sappers with her. There are many like her, but this one says Crafted by {IC} BobbyDigi and it is mine.



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